Presentations and Workshops
Rita Zeinstejer


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  • EVO Moderator for session 'Enhancing Lessons: The Web 2.0 Way' ,  EVO Sessions 2008-2009, with Robert Squires
  • Cross Cultural  Projects to Enhance Communication”, online presentation for a live audience in Moscow.
  • Using Computer Tools to Hone Communicationonline seminar on Elluminate, for the Instituto Superior San Bartolome, Rosario, Argentina.
  • Blogging with Students: how to Integrate Internet Tools and Project Work at “First Internet Convention for Teachers of English” in Buenos Aires.
  • The Serendipity Project” , for TESOL, in NEW YORK, USA:
  • The Power of Voice in Web 2.0”. , for the BAW Session


  • I took part in Global Learn Day X, organized by John Hibbs, from the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education.
  • "The Podcasting Revolution" at the FAAPI Congress in Rosario.
  • I shared “Herramientas Web 2.0 Workshop”, an online event organized by Dafne Gonzalez, Full Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Educationat the Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • EL Fenómeno Blogging”, online in Spanish, for Dafne Gonzalez’s teacher-students in Caracas, Venezuela.
  • “The Blogging Phenomenon: its Impact on Language Learning” at Asociacion Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa, in Rosario.

  • Creating Connections Through Collaboration” co-hosting Becoming a Webhead
  • “Synchronous and Asynchronous Tools Aiding the Develoment of Online Communities of Practice”, to both a face-to-face in Santa Fe, Argentina, and an online audience, this one made up of several EFL teachers from different countries in the world, all members of  WIA.
  • “Bridging the Gap: Webtools in Use”, a report of an online presentation to students in Caracas, Venezuela, carried out with Dafne Gonzalez, for Ameghino Bookshop at FAAPI Congress 2005 in Santa Fe, Argentina.
  • “The Blogging Phenomenon: its Impact on Language Learning” in the 11th Congress of Teachers and Students of English”, held in Rosario, organized by APrIR.
  • Vindicating Chat: How to Integrate Chat into the Classroom”, at the “2005 International Congress of Professional Development for Teachers of English”, organized by ABS International in Buenos Aires.


El chat en el aprendizaje de idiomas: interacción auténtica en tiempo real. Cómo integrar el “chat” a la enseñanza del idioma extranjero”, for teachers of English, French, Portuguese and Italian, at the Escuela Normal de Profesores Nº 1, “Dr Nicolas Avellaneda”.


I was invited to participate in ESL MIniConference in July 2003, at

  • “ICT: What EFL Teachers need to know Today”
  • “CD Roms: their Role in Language Learning”
  • “CMC Tools for Language Learning”
  • “Vindicating Chat”

  • CALL for EFL Teachers in the 21st Century” in Rosario.
  • Appraising CALL in ELT. Organizing a Multimedia Centre. Designing Materials on different sources was accepted for the 9th International LABCI Congress in Rio de Janeiro
  • “ Computer Programs for Language Learning. Designing Materials Using Different Sources,” in TESOL Curitiba (Brazil)


As from March 2000 I also started delivering talks to teachers in Rosario, on ICT (Information and Communication Technology), as well as  providing training classes on the use of computers.

At the same time, I started coordinating the Computer SIG in APrIR, the
Association for Teachers of English in Rosario,