..." Jewellery that connects to the heart "...

...A very warm welcome to my website ...firstly a little bit about me ...

I design and handcraft unique 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery . I am inspired by natural organic shapes blending contempory and old world design into affordable pieces.
Designed to be worn everyday or for special occassions. 

 I have had a great love of jewellery since my first puzzle ring which I bought as a teenager. As time progressed my frustration increased when seeing things that I liked but "things " not being available in my size.
 It was too big, too small, wrong colour stone or bead, wished it had a black , red or skyblue pink ribbon or on leather etc......apologies, I go on. But, I am " built for comfort" and have " hands like shovels" so I struggle to find jewellery that really suits me.
All this and my creative desire has lead me where I am today. Designing and crafting pieces of jewellery that are really made for you ....
" Made for you , with your choices and your style"  ~ jewellery is so personal.


I attend The Jewellery Workshop in Lindfield , Sussex  for a 3 hours once a week  during " term" as a part time student where my skills are developed and refined through expert tutoring by Debbie Smith .  I started with Debbie in 2010 where I got bitten by the bug immediately !
Debbie is a qualified Jewellery Designer and Silversmith with over 35 years of experience in commercial and niche jewellery environments. Focussing on traditional techniques, quality, creativity and practicality. 
You can visit her website at :-
 Debbie offers One Day " Taster Courses" , 6 week beginners course , intermediate courses and advanced courses. They are very small groups  of no more than 5 students so she is able to cater to eveyone with differing abilities and skills.
I have a small workshop at home and continually update my  suite of tools. There are some tools which I just cant squeeze in at home !
In addition to focussing on the four elements I noted above, I am passionate that my jewellery has flexibility. For example, if you already have a chain you dont necessarily need to buy another to hold a new pendant. I will design a fixing to enable your chain to be used. This will save you the cost of a new chain and make pieces more affordable. Pendants can be hung on leather, rubber, cord and ribbon in addition to silver chain.
The costs vary depending of what you choose especially, if you have a budget in mind. This gives flexibility and more opportunity of wear from your pieces.
Rings can be made open backed in a number of ways so you can wear them on more than one finger.
Designs can have different coloured and sizes of stones to suit your taste and requirements.
I  proudly say that I am a passionate lover of silver jewellery receiving huge reward and pleasure when working on a design then handcrafting it into a much loved item of jewellery for my customers amd also myself !
I have exhibited and sold pieces at the Green Tree Gallery , Borde Hill, Sussexd and won Design of the Week Competition through Cookson Precious Metals in February 2012. 
I undertake commission work as well as offering availability of some pieces which are unique.
By request I will make/replicate designs to order but, no piece will ever be identical . That is the nature and beauty of handcrafting.
Handcrafted items in my opinion , have real honesty and passion when you start to understand the time and love that goes into making them .
 I work with 925 Sterling Silver Wire or Sterling Silver Sheet ( 92.5% content of pure silver which is mixed with alloys , usually copper, to make it more robust under high heats).
You will notice this language as you look through my gallery .
If you would like a commission please allow plenty of time for design and then crafting to be undertaken.
I aim to complete this process in 3-4 weeks.
Standard hallmarking can add another 7-10 days ( please see hallmarking notes)
Contact details :- 
I hope you find my website enjoyable and interesting. Please feel free to contact me with any questions big or small by any of the ways listed below .
I am also on Facebook as Rita Balfour Silver :-
Mobile - 07968375748
Home - 01342714309
By post :- The Laurels, Gardner Lane, Crawley Down, Sussex, Rh10 4ht 
Payment via this site is not possible and I will be happy to discuss payment options ~  I accept personal cheques and payment by PAYPAL.
There is no obligation for an enquiry.
 Many thanks for looking at my website, please enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you.
Rita  xx