My Testimony


"You say that God is distant?  Then who do you think has moved?"


















Your Purpose?
God created you for His pleasure.


In pursuit of happiness?
Happiness is based on happenstance.  Situations that are far from ugly produce it.  Pure joy can be found among the uglies and beautiful.

The best illustrator......

The turning point happened when I was 19.

I went to church growing up. 
I went to Sunday school. 
I was on the Bible bowl team at church.
Played in the bell choir during service. 
Memorized the names of all the disciples.
Prayed at the dinner table.
You know what.....I knew of God growing up.   

But.....I didn't know God. 

They say college is the turning point for a lot of people.  This is where a drastic change in surroundings is gifted to young adults.  They no longer have parents keeping a hawk's eye.  Freedom.  So many choices.  Impacting, fun, wild, and dangerous choices.

 Honestly, I was kind of clueless where to begin when I got to college.  Ingrained from birth to graduation had been the idea to respect my authorities.  Follow the guidance of my surrounding adults.  I went out for sports because I was told by the coaches I'd excel.  I kept my grades above average because that's where positive sanctions busted down my door.   Basically, I spent a majority of my young adulthood pleasing others.  

College.  No longer did I have this community of watchful eyes to consult me.  I was living with 20,000 strangers.  Who was I to please now? Myself?  But.....who was I and what did I desire?

Let the journey of living for myself begin: partying, shopping, school, sports, business clubs, friends, boys.  Who am I, what am I living for, what will make me happy, what will give me purpose?

 In the mist of my searching, I had a close guy friend at the time tell me that God didn't care if I was an Olympic volleyball player or made tons of money from my degree, God loved me (period).  He died on a cross just to be close to me.  Then I had my aunt tell me about some Christian organizations that I should look into and get involved in.  Oh, yeah.  Church.  Hadn't done that for a while. 

These were the two "knocks" on my door that God gave me.  From there, He just waited for me to answer the door.  He's a gentleman like that.  What did I do?  I answered the door.  I got involved in some of the Christian organizations on campus and really started digging for answers.  Who was I?  Who was God?  What was my purpose?  What was Jesus' purpose? 

The list of questions could go on forever.  Daily, there are new ones being added and answered.  But the truth is, I don't think I could ever go back.  Go back to not knowing God or even denying that He exists.  Every day I write the date on something, I confess that Jesus walked this earth 2010 years ago.  God squeezed himself into a humanly form, lived a mortal life on earth, and died on a cross.  All because He's crazy in love with us.  

 God is knocking on your door.  He has things he wants to show you.  To tell you.    

Secrets that are only for you and Him to know.  He is majestic, romantic, and powerful.  I've been on your side of the fence.  The "Knowing of God" side of the fence.  He's knocking on your door.  Listen closely for it and open the door.  Let me tell you.  I would never give up actually knowing the Creator of the universe.