Carissa tidbits:


I love the autumn

6'0" most days
for 20 years of my life I was a Blonde, but I have recently gone back to my roots as a Brunette
Nicknames and who they're from:
Legz (guy friends),
Crissy(family members),
Diaz(football players in the weightroom in college),
Antelope(highschool basketball girls),
Cwalk(guy friends in college),
C-dawg (only to distinguish me from my other friend Karissa)

Webster (my bible study group)

athletic: (Marathons, Volleyball (sand and court), Water skiing, Jet skiing, Snow skiing, rollerblading, Horses, 4-wheeling, DANCING, basketball, golfing)
Farmers market
scarves, silly socks, 37 in. inseam jeans, and high heels
dark chocolate, and what is better than chocolate? - fresh bread
pumpkin carving
hayrack rides

music and singing, guitar, saxophone, piano, listening to anything but polka
traveling and New adventures
Panera Bread and Coffee Shops
the Golden Girls, movies from the late 1980's to early 1990's
Questions....  What better way to un-bottle the life that is painfully stored inside of us?  I love a good inquiry....
I'm a bit of a poet at times

Getting dressed up and spoofy for no good reason and going out to eat with my friends
For some reason, it's fun to me to put on shoes that are way too big for me.  So, dad, if your shoes are ever moved from their spot, you know who to ask
swiss cake rolls, 3 Musketeers, rice crispy bars, and corndogs are temptations
sushi and McFosters Naturally Kind Cafe
no raisins or pop please
Fourth of July: because I love fireworks
chai tea with soy