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Rispens windmill is a real Frisian thatched windmill, on a with bricks built substructure. The cap is made of wood and has got a white colour. Rispens windmill was built in 1821 by Arjen Gerbens Timminga (master millwright until Oosterend). The 27th of November 1821 was the first day that Rispens windmill was pumping water out of the diked marsh. The diked marsh Rispens windmill was pumping was 145 hectare. The windmill was in action until 1964, when an electrical pumping station was built in the neighbourhood of Rispens windmill.


In 1943 Rispens windmill still had a main shaft, made out of wood. In 1948 the wooden main shaft was replaced by an iron one. In 1943 the millwright was H. Westra from Franeker. The mill was still in use and was in a fine condition. In the winter of 1965/ 1966 Rispens windmill lost wing because of glazed frost, in the next winter it lost his second wing because of a storm. In 1967 there was a restoration which costed f.6500,-. In 1973 Rispens windmill lost a new wooden wing again. In 1979 Rispens windmill became a wing made out of steal and the wooden one was removed.



In 1992 the body of the mill was wrapped in plastic. The cap and wings were moved to the community depot in Wommels. There was no maintenance for these parts, because the parts where laying outside, the rain and wind mostly destroyed them. In 1994 the mill is restored and moved to another place app. 150 meters further up north toward Oosterend.

The windmill is regularly in action. That appears on voluntary base. After the mill was moved the special plate with poem (1821), was hung inside the windmill, again.

Last update: March 1st 2016