This October: Bishop Hendricken To Hold Rhode Island's 
First High School Space-to-School Chat

Vande Hei

Join us sometime during the week of October 16-20, as 16 lucky Rhode Island high school students assemble at Bishop Hendricken High School in Warwick and pose questions to NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei who is scheduled to be launched aboard a Soyuz rocket that will head to the International Space Station (ISS) in September 2017.

As the space station passes overhead -- 250 miles up and traveling at 17,500 mph -- the students will be making history by being part of Rhode Island's first-ever, high school space chat using a powerful amateur (ham) radio system mounted on Hendricken's roof. 

If we're fortunate, we may even become the first U.S. school to see the astronaut via a digital HamTV signal beamed from the ISS.

May 2016 ARISS event logo

This rare school-to-space radio contact gives Rhode Island students the opportunity to dream big and expand their interests in science, technology, engineering, art/design, and math (STEAM). 

This space chat brings together the sciences with the arts.

ISS Event

Since 2001 international space agencies have partnered with  amateur radio organizations to connect schools from around the world with orbiting astronauts via "ham" radio contact. 

Four Bishop Hendricken students have already earned their FCC amateur radio license and will be playing key technical roles in the production of this unique event. 

Many adult volunteers from the Rhode Island ham radio community are helping with this complex undertaking.

ISS event logo

According to the 2016 Brookings report given to Gov Raimondo, Rhode Island' needs a much larger STEAM-skilled talent pool in order to attract and grow 21st Century advanced industries. 

Bishop Hendricken has a rich tradition of excellence in Catholic education for young men. It has graduated 400+ National Merit and Commended Scholars in the past 50 years.