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I am making changes! Risky Productions is now officially Rising Phoenix Games, with a new site at Rising Phoenix Games. The first game made under that is Rocket Science, more details at the website.


-Goodbye, keep up with me at the new site!





I've gotten into the art of pixelling lately.  I will post my pixel art on the new page I made for it.


Sadly, Stories From The Grid is unlikely to happen soon. I am busy with school work and i lack the time to gain the proper programming knowledge.




Hello all, I have started a new project today. It's called "Stories from the Grid." It takes place in the year 2024 where humans can teleport through the Internet. But, everything in the Internet goes through the Grid, and every one in a million times, data snags and gets stuck in the Grid. Now, the Grid is gaining a population of lost souls, and these are their stories. I found a great pixelling program too, so I am hoping to improve my pixel art. This game will hopefully have an extensive storyline with many unique characters who will eventually band together to create civilization in the Grid. Anyway, wish me luck!



Guten tag, obtained a Livejournal, so if you would like to keep up with me there as well, you are welcome to.





I have posted Z Version 7 on YoYo Games. Changes include:

-Day and night cycle

-New HUD

-Top-down shadows

Unfortunatly our room change glitch still presents itself as a challenge.

Download link:


Hello one and all,

This is the new homepage for Risky Productions, the maker of Z. Please enjoy some of our games to the right!

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