“Victoria is a super group leader, engaging, informative and very fun!” Cate

“I just wanted to say I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. I wish I’d joined sooner! An ex-colleague of mine laughed when I said I wanted to join a few years back. Lesson learnt though, don’t let anyone put you off doing what you want to do. I feel like I’ve been missing out all these years.” Sara

“I joined Victoria’s singing group about a year ago… and I just love it!  Victoria is really passionate about singing and that enthusiasm spreads throughout the whole group.  Her song choices are always enjoyable and quite challenging which gives a great sense of achievement when you hear the finished article!  Victoria encourages participation in group singing for all abilities, including those who have never sung in groups before, like me!”  Kathy

“Victoria is an inspiring and encouraging choir leader who creates uplifting choral performances in a welcoming environment, always with a sense of fun.”  Mark

“I have known Victoria for many years since she started up a community singing group at work.  This is a group which allows anyone to sing who wants to and we learn the songs by rote rather than using music and she sometimes has a real job on her hands.  We sing songs from many different genres and eras and they are mostly fun, uplifting tunes. Victoria is warm and welcoming and has endless patience and is able to teach us complicated tunes and harmonies as well as giving us the encouragement and confidence we need to be able to perform them in public.  Her enthusiasm for singing helps us to persevere with the difficult tunes until we get them.  Our Tuesday afternoons are so much more pleasant after a rehearsal.”  Nikki

"I love singing with Victoria. Her music choices are diverse and she achieves a great sound from us through encouragement and humour."  Janice

“Wonderfully welcoming and encouraging: I can’t sing yet but if anyone is going to get me there, I know Victoria will.” Jessica   (NB Jessica can sing!)

“Victoria is highly supportive and enthusiastic in her commitment to the choir and in her infectious desire to ensure everyone enjoys singing. 
No prior knowledge is required because Victoria uses the effective method of singing the tune to us and we repeat it. She does this with all parts and achieves excellent results.  The choir holds Summer and Christmas concerts which are always popular and where a high standard is achieved.  The repertoire she identifies is highly varied and works well with the style of singing practiced by the  choir. The atmosphere within the choir is one of positivity, enjoyment and support." Catherine

"I have been singing with Victoria for 6 years and love it! Victoria has led the choir throughout and is an inspiration. She chooses songs in a wide variety of styles and her patience and enthusiasm enable even the most timid singers to perform with confidence and joy. Discover your voice: you will have fun!" Vicky

PS I'm incredibly grateful to the members of my workplace singing group who've given these testimonials.  Thanks gang, I'm touched!