Club name: Rising Stars Rugby Academy (120477)
Level: Rookie Rugby (co-ed flag - ages 7-17), Youth (grades 6-8) or High school (grades 9-12)

Youth competition

  1. Complete today! Annual membership ONLINE ($ave $5) OR

    1. Print paper forms: Membership & Waiver
  2. Learn laws of Rookie Rugby online course
  3. Attend local camp. See calendar ===>
    1. If child wants to participate in the season, proceed to step #A
A.  Print player registration form
B.  Online registration payment
C.  Attend practice
D. Bring all forms from steps #1, 2, A & B
E.  Family attend an orientation. Check calendar ===>
F.  $cholarship letter for financial assistance [print]

Adult competition (TBD)

Parent involvement

  1. All parents play by the rules – check them out here!
  2. Rookie Rugby Parents Knowledge Course
  3. Positive Sport Parenting course
    Leadership roles needed:
  • Executive Officer(s) (CEO) or Head coaches. The CEO has ultimate responsibility for the program's activities, and signs off on scheduling on behalf of the team. The CEO reports to the organization's directors.

  • Operation Officer (COO) Manages day-to-day affairs, the COO usually reports directly to the CEO.

  • Financial Officer (CFO) or Treasurer. The CFO is responsible (directly or indirectly) for almost all of the program's financial matters.

  • Information Officer (CIO) or Secretary. The organization's secretary is in charge of maintaining and keeping program's records, documents, and "minutes" from program meetings.

  • Technology Officer. Maintains website and other social media platforms.


  1. Required courses are (click on each):

      2. Rookie Rugby Coaches Course

      3. All coaches must be Level 100 certified

Coaching resource page

For a more in depth look at the rules and flow of the game check out the guidebook here:

Download the full pdf here [89MB].

Download the lite pdf here [8MB].

Academy Rugby AZ/NM

Renew USARugby membership in September.

FALL (October - November)
  • Co-ed 7 a side flag rugby
  • 7s Tournaments
WINTER (December - January)
  • Camps ($)
  • Mini tournaments
SPRING (February - May)
  • Flag and Tackle rugby
  • State championships (all ages)
SUMMER (June 1 - August 31)
  • All Star tournament (June)
  • No cost camps
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