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All coach/mentor/staff, please complete the selections #1-7 before attending practices.

Selection #8-11 Rookie Rugby site leader position.

Selection #12-13 Coach position.

Annual required courses: (complete each one)
  1. All (Rising Stars Rugby) coaches must be members of USARugby [signUp here]$ Includes liability insurance coverage, other discounts, benefits and background check.
  2. Rookie Rugby Basics 040
  3. Rookie Rugby instructor certification course 050
  4. Protection package 060
  5. Safe Sport course (open) 070
  6. Coaching Children 080
  7. Coaching in schools 090
  8. Level 100 certification (Rugby Ready course)
  9. Order AZ fingerprint card
  10. NFHS Concussion in Sports - What you Need to Know
  11. NFHS Bullying, Hazing and Other Inappropriate Behaviors
  12. Concussion Management for the General Public- Click HERE
  13. LEVEL 200 COACH (Contact/Tackle rugby coaching)

Parent involvement. All parent please complete the selections below.

  1. All parents play by the rules – check them out here!
  2. Rookie Rugby Parents Knowledge Course
  3. Positive Sport Parenting course

Get paid to referee local rugby matches.

Referees paid $15+/hr, after completion of certification course.
* Fees, costs and rates are subject to changes without notices.
Anyone can be a Rookie Rugby Referee! Parents, high school and college players, and coaches can quickly learn the ropes and help referee a youth flag game.

Internship volunteers needed:
  • Youth Development Officer build relationships and promote services to educate school districts and community organizations

  • Coach practices & sports operations.
  • Marketing & Game Presentation Intern
  • Media Relations and Communication Internship
  • Membership Coordinator

Coaching resource page

For a more in depth look at the rules and flow of the game check out the guidebook here:

Download the full pdf here [89MB].

Download the lite pdf here [8MB].

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Coach Broussard, USA @ World Cup Rugby League in Sydney, AUS

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