Interested in a fun, safe environment with many opportunities for learning and building positive friendships, welcome to your sports future.

A Rookie Rugby program coming to a school near you.


The game of Rookie Rugby is played with flags to replace the action of tackling. Flag rugby is the preferred method to introduce rugby. If no flags are available, the game can be played as two hand touch; however, flags are always the better option.

Something New.

Rookie Rugby is played in schools, parks, recreation leagues, and community organizations across the country. The rules are simple, the game is easy to learn, and minimal equipment is required.

Easy to play.

All types of rugby are free flowing and continuous. Players will work as a team to move the ball across their opponent’s goal line to score a try.

“Developing a long-term development model for rugby will address critical areas in our system for kids at a very early age,” McCann said. “Children progress through the same development stages and this model will ensure we address the appropriate points along the development curve in order for them to reach their genetic potential.”

Core Values

Rookie Rugby is a fun and safe game for boys and girls of any age.  It helps players builds character and life skills through teamwork, hard work, co-operation, and respect for others.  Rugby has the ability to break down barriers and build life-long friendships.

Our philosophy is to uphold the Spirit of the Game and create opportunities for kids to play the game of rugby.  USA Rugby is devoted to promoting the core values of the game through Rookie Rugby. These core values include: Passion, Integrity, Solidarity, Discipline, and Respect. 

PASSION — The fuel that drives us in life. Rookie rugby generates excitement, emotional support, and a sense of belonging, providing players with a passion for the game.

INTEGRITY — Speaking the truth and adhering to your intuitive instinct. Having integrity means following through and taking responsibility should you make a mistake. 

SOLIDARITY — Striving to be inclusive of all individuals regardless of faith, race, age, gender, or education.  Solidarity means standing behind your teammates and coming together for one common goal – to have fun and play rugby!

DISCIPLINE — The focused attitude that drives a person towards successDiscipline is an integral part of the game both on and off the field and is reflected through adherence to the rules of the game of rugby, good work ethic, respecting others, and honoring our core values.

RESPECT — Having appreciation, understanding, and belief in our teammates, opponents, coaches and officials, and oneself.  Treating others with decency is paramount to upholding the essence of rugby.