Qualifications & Certifications:
  • USA Rugby coach Level 200/World Rugby Level 1
  • USA Rugby certified referee/officiating L1
  • Boys & Girls Clubs Metro Phoenix Level 1 volunteer
  • AZ Fingerprint card
  • USARugby Protection package
  • NFHS Arizona AIA 101
  • NFHS Creating safe and respectable environment
  • NFHS Sports Nutrition
  • NFHS Positive Sport Parenting
  • NFHS Heat Illness Prevention
  • Unified school district approved volunteer
  • CPR/1st Aide
  • CPI/CIT & Mandt training
  • NASPE certified curriculum
  • Health and Wellness coach

Tempe (AZ) rugby club
1st place-$5,000 winner
1999 North American HSBC tournament
@ Vancouver, CAN

2008 National Championships
Red Mountain Rugby (Mesa, AZ)
Founder and Director of
Rising Stars Rugby Academy
501(j) status pending

Rugby is a great option for your son or daughter, giving them the opportunity to play a game that will teach them how to be a leader on and off the field.


·      LIFE SKILLS: Lessons that develop character building

·      SPORTS INSTRUCTION - Introduce the basic skills of flag rugby through fun games and structured practices.

·      NUTRITION - Healthy eating habits

·      FITNESS - Exercising & stretching

Our curriculum satisfies the National Standards for Physical Education as outlined by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). Educators and Parents [select one]


University of Arizona rugby
2014 Elite 8 playoffs (Ft. Worth,TX rugby)

2016 New Mexico rugby tournament

  • Jr Olympics region X (Track - sprinter)
  • Former USA rugby league and international athlete
  • University of Arizona rugby collegiate honors
  • Rugby league world cup tournaments: England, Australia and Russia
  • International tours: Canada, Mexico, Ireland & England
  • SemiPro rugby - Bracknell rugby club XV, London, Eng.
  • Tempe (AZ) rugby club - USA D2 championships, Summer 7s national tournament.
  • Red Mountain (Mesa, AZ) rugby - USA D2 National Champs XVs

1997Rugby League World Cup 9s tournament
Townsville, AUS

USA v. Ireland @ RFK Stadium

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