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MISSION: Providing personal development opportunities for students of all backgrounds, skills and abilities.
VISION: A space and place where each child lives beyond their physical and psychological limitations.

"I played football since I was 9 but when I tried rugby in high school,
I made more friends and traveled more than any other sport I had ever played".
John M. (AZ) high school student

No cost summer rugby clinics for boys and girls in 2nd - 11th grade. Click on image for more information.

5 Reasons to Give Rugby A Try;
  1. Encouraging proper nutrition and health.
  2. The ability of feeling safe, protected and stable in the physical and interpersonal events that come across when participating.
  3. Feeling a sense of belonging within the team.
  4. Feeling that others recognize contributions and efforts.
  5. Analysation about one’s own perception of their contributions.

Membership has its privileges.
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"When my daughter starting playing rugby, she wasn't confident, but by the end of her first season, she competed with her brothers'.
Tara K. (Mother in Fort Worth, TX)

I had no idea what rugby was until I started coaching. I liked how each child smiled as they ran with the ball and encouraged each other to have fun. We didn't argue very much either. (Father and coach in New Mexico)