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Formerly Risky Productions

Lemonade Stand!


Recently I have obtained a Lemonade Stand, which is space on the web that I have ads for what I want, and based on how many people visit this, I get money. If you visit this, feel free to make your own and e-mail me, I will visit yours.


Stress Buster 2: Wrath of the Gods

The sequel to the Risky Productions game Stress Buster. In this game you simply bust stress by massacring the little zombies with over 18 weapons. Weapons include:


Machine Gun




Missile Troopers




Liquid Nitrogen Gun

Black Hole

And much more.



Box.net Download






Another Rising Phoenix Production!

The Simplest Web Browser!

This is definitely the simplest web browser ever released, or your money back! 2 buttons, full browsing capability. Who needs favorites, back buttons, history? This is for those of us who go on, check our e-mail, go off.

As you can see, the file is less than a megabyte! Even now, as I type this, I am using the Worlds SImplest Browser! Compare the page load speed of Internet Explorer to this. It has to load all your favs, history, sprites, ect. But look at the simplicity of it!

I do NOT expect this to replace any other browser. This is for checking your E-Mail before work, not sitting down for a solid 5 hours browsing your favorite forums and sites!

I will try to continue updating this. Soon to come:

A Homepage

Better, non-default buttons

MAYBE back and forward buttons.

-Rising Phoenix

New game! Rocket Science!

In this game you must solve trigonometric equations to launch rockets! Originally made for a math project, I decided to publically release it. It is still a WIP, but most of the gameplay is there. Just so you can see what it's like, the first answer is 66.




Box.net: http://www.box.net/shared/eykiiv9k4s

Will Host For Food:

The ZIP file also includes a minigame where you must type the answers to problems as they fall. If they hit the flashing bar, you lose a life. Have fun!

-Rising Phoenix Games