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 “It is perfectly certain that India never saw a more learned Sanskrit scholar, a deeper metaphysician, a more wonderful orator, and a more fearless denunciator of any evil, than Dayanand, since the time of Sankarcharya.”

- Madame Blavatsky          (Founder of the Theosophical Society)


"Rishi Dayanand sacrificed his life on Deepavali Day.  However, the light of his soul illuminated thousands of others before it departed to reach Moksh. "

- Veda Jyoti Mazazine             ( Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, South Africa)


"The founder of Arya Samaj, Rishi Dayanand, was born in Gujarat. His original name was Mool Shanker. He came to be known as Dayanand after he became a Sanyasi and dedicated his life to social service.

He toured the country, met the scholars and thinkers of his time and had an exchange of views with them.

He spent some time in the company of theosophists. They wanted to make him their leader. But Dayanand had a sharp mind and at once understood that although they professed to be well-wishers of India, their intentions were not honest; that they were trying to deceive the superstitious and tradition-bound people, by administering to them the opiate of mysticism and divine incarnations that they were seeking to poison the atmosphere of new-consciousness and were, in fact, well-wishers of imperialism. He, therefore, parted company with them.

He met Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Keshav Chandra in Bengal and proceeded to Punjab. He heard the clarion call of Baba Ram Singh and the stories of his valour. He had observed and studied the various organisations devoted to social reform and wished to set up a different organisation of his own. For this, he found the land of the five rivers most fertile and favourable and in 1875, he planted the sapling of Arya Samaj at Lahore.

One of the persons who received initiation and the sacred thread from him was Arjun Singh, the grandfather of Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh's niece, Virendra Sindhu, has written:
"When Sardar Arjun Singh met Rishi Dayanand, he was charmed by him and after listening to his speech, he joined the army of reawakening. He became an Arya Samajist. He was among those few people who were personally initiated by Rishi Dayanand and given the sacred thread to wear."

- Sikh Heritage (Visit)        (History & Researches, United Kingdom)




A humble prayer...


"Aum Indhram Vardhanto Apturah

Krinvanto Vishvam Aryam.

Aphagnanto Aravanah"

(Rig Ved 9/63/5)

"We pray to the Almighty for the benevolent qualities with which we strive towards making the world noble and succeed in destroying our enemies (weakness and bad qualities). We put before others the example of Aryattava (noble & benevolent qualities) in our life."

Translation by: Pandit Prashant (Melbourne Arya Samaj).





Jagadguru Paramhansa

Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati



Charan Kamal Gururaaj Ke, Bandow Baaram Baar
Unkee Raj Nij Sees Dhara, Praapt Karoo Phal Chaar

"I bow repeatedly to the lotus feet of Rishi Dayananda, King among Teachers.
In following his teachings, may I achieve the four fruits of life."

Alp Buddhi Hoo Tanu Shithila, Man Chaanchalya Apaar
Tow Bhi Mai Rishiraaj Yasha, Varnau Hit Chit Dhaar

"I am limited in intellect, body and mind, still I describe the Glory of Rishiraaj,
the King among Rishis, for my own spiritual benefit."

Source: Aatma Geet (Songs of the Soul)





My greatest inspiration: Swamiji


Bhaiyo aur Baheno, saadar sa prem, Namaste!

With the greatest love and admiration for Swamiji, I present to you this website in memory and in gratitude to a soul who sacrificed his life for the upliftment of humanity. 

After reading Swamiji's words of Wisdom in the form of the many books authored by him, and the many words written of and about him, It has made me not only proud to be an Aryan, but moreso, a better individual.

Having been inspired and motivated by Swamiji, I have taken it as my duty, and as per the third principle of the Arya Samaj, to live by the words of Ved Maa, and to share this happiness with others, either through simple social interactions, or by the performance of Sandhya & Havan, or even through websites such as this one.

However, ever so often, individuals who've become interested in the life and teachings of Swamiji have little or no online resource(s) that is easily accessible to them or the wider Arya/Hindu community in general.

Independently, I have taken the time to research, compile, edit and organize information, both online and offline sources including books, magazines, pamphlets, cd's, cassettes and various websites.

It is my fervent hope that after you would have had the opportunity to throughly browse this website, a renewed sense of pride and understanding for our Rishiraaj (a King amongst Rishis) would be instilled in your heart and in the hearts of those who seek to read of his glories.

May you continue to be inspired by the life of this great soul, and may you share this inspiration with not only to those around you, but to the world at large.

Om Swasti!











Bhedha kubhaavan dhoor bhagaave aaya yahaa par pyaar,
Dev Dayanand prem viveke vishva rahe ik taar.

May all that is aimed in creating differences and unpleasantness be dispelled with from our midst, and let love flow supreme.

Paramhansa Maharishi Swami Dayananda Saraswati preached one common brotherhood for all of mankind. O Rishi may we as Aaryans, continue to thread along side this path that you have cleared for us, with love, truth and devotion.

May we as God's children, continue to strive for the betterment of humanity, through the Aarya Samaj & Vaidik Dharma.