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The Swallowtail Festival - Part 2

posted Aug 27, 2009, 1:38 PM by Jason Lillis   [ updated Aug 28, 2009, 7:03 AM ]

Day 1 - Afternoon

There are several festival activities available during the afternoon that the local businesses and establishments are providing for festival-goers.

Savah's Armory is allowing interested parties put down a silver coin for a chance to fire a few bolts from Vansaya, the repeating crossbow that has occupied a place on her shelf for a year now. The weapon is itself a work of art, but the asking price is well out of the range of any eager buyers today.  Daviren Hosk, owner of the Goblin Squash Stables, is also on hand at Savah's shooting gallery to take bets and challengers in a target-shooting contest. Hosk is a bit of a local legend as a survivalist and expert goblin hunter, so while few locals are lining up for the challenge, they are happy to place odds on any who might try to beat him. He's rather confident in his abilities to beat any takers, but Hosk won't wager more than a few gold against a single challenger, and then never more than once. “You can't give it all to me this way.  Come buy a horse and use it to ride down a goblin or two, and we'll all be happier in the end.”


In another portion of the street, a mat has been set down by one of the local monastics, Sabyl Sorn. In between demonstrations of concentration and physical prowess (balancing straight up and down on one hand, for example), she teaches various stretching techniques designed to loosen muscles after hard labor.  She also has a standing challenge: Anyone willing to engage her in non-lethal combat can attempt to land a single blow upon her person. The one succeeding will gain access to the House of Blue Stone's library and meditation floor for one week of the winner's choosing. She is charging takers one silver piece for the chance to try, and while many stalwart townsfolk have attempted, she has denied all takers so far.


Leaning against the temporary bar set up by the Fatman's Feedbag are several unsavory looking characters, leering at passing women and calling out relatively harmless insults any others curious enough to give their favorite haunt's booth a closer look. On approach, one might be challenged to a drinking competition against the local champ, Reishi Iano, a swarthy, grim faced thug who will wager up to 20 gold and the cost of drinks that he can drink anyone under the table, though he won't take that bet against any dwarf or gnome. “'s unfair, no?” He decries to one scoffing dwarven traveller. Tough as the stones you eat! No sane man 'd throw his money away fer that.”

Otherwise, it is mid-afternoon, the vendors are in full swing, several musicians are playing competing tunes at different ends of the square, and you can still see children chasing butterflies, always coming close, but never able to catch.