Devis - Town Exploration

Day 2 - Morning - The House of Blue Stones

posted Oct 13, 2009, 9:20 AM by Jason Lillis

The House of Blue Stones is a long, low stone building, overshadowed by the Sandpoint Glassworks next door.  As you knock at the entrance, a few moments pass before Sabyl Sorn opens it, her serene expression a mask of perfect coolness.  "You.  I see.  Welcome to the House of Blue Stones.  I have heard that you were quite helpful in repelling yesterdays attacks.  Thank you.  Please, come in."

Inside you see that there is primarily a single large chamber, nearly 40 feet by 30 feet, and its floor is decorated with polished blue stones set amongst paths of reed mats.  A few townspeople are seated in various parts of the room, their eyes closed in meditation.  "My father constructed this place shortly after the town was built," she murmurs, "believing that here he would be able to escape the bustle of the larger cities, yet protected enough to house his library.  Over the years, many townsfolk have come to find quiet amid the storms of their lives.  A few have asked for martial training, but among these none have the discipline to follow through with the demands placed upon them."  

As you reach the far end of the hall, she turns to you.  "What of you?  What brings you to the House this day?"

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