Photovoltaic power plants

    Due to the guaranteed 25 year term for obligatory buying up, a preferable price and the existing subsidy programs, investments in photovoltaic power plants in Bulgaria become more and more attractive. A major factor for the success of the investment is the proper planning and management of the project in each development state:
  • preliminary investigations- they include strategic planning of the activities, solar energy audit, estimation of the infrastructure available, receiving a decision for the way of connecting to the power distribution network, acquiring licenses;
  • technical design projects;
  • equipment delivery;
  • raising the installation;
  • starting the exploitation;
  • legalising the installation;
  • achieving contracts for buying of the electrical power;
  • operation and maintenance
    RIS ELEKTRO OOD offers PV turn- key solutions covering the entire project from site and project assessment to plant design, engineering, installation, commissioning, operational service and maintenance.