Design of photovoltaic systems

    The success of a project for building a photovoltaic power plant and the economical parameters of this asset in the next 35 years after the building are determined greatly during the pre- design and design phase of development. That is why a leading principle in our job is to achieve topmost quality and precision in our designs. Based on our extensive and profound engineering  experience and thanks to the achieved rich technical knowledge and expertise, our designs offer high effectiveness and optimal solutions.

Conceptual design of a photovoltaic power plant
    The purpose of the preliminary design is to develop, form and present the investment intention in a way, which can be apprehended and estimated by the financing institution and the interested government services. The conceptual design serves as a basis for the forthcoming design stages.

Technical design of a
photovoltaic power plant
    The purpose of the technical design is to present in details all technological features, which have to receive attention during the building of the installation.
The technical design is made according to the Bulgarian technical norms and standards and includes the following parts:
  • part „electrotechnical“
  • part „construction design“
  • part „architectural“
  • part „geodesic“
  • geological report