R.I.S.E. is a student organization established to extend the diversity and social justice goals expressed in the University of Colorado, School of Education’s (SOE) mission statement. The group’s purpose is to create a safe space for the critical discussion of race. This may include, but is not limited to, reflecting on discussions of race in the SOE, continuing discussions of race, and enhancing academic scholarship regarding issues of race. This group is open to students who are interested in advancing issues related to race
 and social justice either professionally or personally.


If you have questions about the student organization or other initiatives related to R.I.S.E., please know that the members of the Coordinating Committee listed below welcome your suggestions and inquiries.
Rise Board: Karla Del Rosal Bujanda, Alaina Feltenberger, Ashley Cartun, Chelsey Shade, Jaclyn Hernandez, Michael Dominguez, Carrie Bemis, and Katy Wiley

Ex Officio: 
Subini Annamma, Andrea Bien, Darrell Jackson, Liz Mendoza, Deb Morrison, Christina Paguyo, Rebecca Beucher,Ruth López, Adam York 

We can be contacted by email at rise@colorado.edu

Check out the RISE calendar of events at RISE google calendar