Jacquie McKenna and Kari Armstrong formed in March 2014
Rise and Shine Colorado Foundation
so the two, along with their community of friends and family, could support
 an amazing Zimbabwean woman, Pastor Rose Madumba, her organization in Zimbabwe, Rise and Shine, 
and the work that Rose is doing for the AIDS orphans in her village and for her school in Chilimanzi.
Kari, Rose, Jacquie before leaving for Chilimanzi
(Kari, Rose, Jacquie)

Our Story:

Jacquie and Kari - friends from a Boulder Colorado Elementary School - took a trip to Zimbabwe together in November 2013 to visit Pastor Rose Madumba in her rural village and the Chilimanzi School with which Rose is working.   

Chilimanzi Zimbabwe

View of the countryside enroute

Rose on her family's property


Rose's family working the land
Rose's Kitchen
Rose's Kitchen

Rose's compound
Rose walking her land
Rose walking her land

We (Jacquie and Kari) wanted to get a first-hand view of Rose's work to see how we could get involved.  Our visit to Rose's school was eye-opening and disheartening!  No electricity, no running water, broken windows, cracks in the walls, tattered books, broken desks and chairs, structurally unsafe classrooms to name a few of the challenges.



So much to do as Rose already well knew.  We got started with our first physical contributions.  We brought with us children's books that Kari had collected through donations from the Boulder community.  The books were set up as a Little Free Library at the school.

In addition, we passed out school supplies that we purchased in South Africa.  


We also brought with us a desire to work with Rose, the orphans and the school to help move Rose's efforts forward, help the orphans and help the school update and better meet the needs of all the students.  

We were warmly welcomed by the school on a very hot Saturday (almost 40 degrees C - our water boiled in our glasses).  Everyone in the village gathered for this event.  The school children, parents, village elders, and school staff all came to the school to welcome us.  The school put up tables and chairs for us to sit on underneath a shaded trellis.  The community and students sat in the broiling sun.


The students sang, danced, recited poems all carefully rehearsed for our arrival and all beautifully performed.  


Background to the Trip:  

Jacquie had met Rose when Rose worked with her family during their 7-month stay in South Africa in 2012.  

The McKenna Family and Rose on Rose's birthday in 2012

Rose was a second mom to Jacquie's family and at the same time, was a very special member of her childhood Zimbabwean community.  On a maid's salary, for the 7 prior years, Rose had taken half her income and put it towards supporting the orphans in her village (over 80 in a school of 300) -  paying school fees, buying school supplies, books, uniforms, soccer balls and much more so that the orphans of her community could go to school and receive an education. While first telling her story to the Mckenna family, Jacquie's older daughter went off to her room and collected all her money (tooth fairy money, every coin, Rand and dollar she had) and brought it out and gave it to Rose because she was so moved by what Rose had been doing.  

Andrew and Jacquie were so impressed by Rose's efforts that when they were leaving South Africa in August 2012, they paid for Rose to move back to Zimbabwe and supported her for the following year and then some to give her the chance to really focus on her aid work.  However it was clear that Rose needed more assistance, particularly financial.   Jacquie was advised that to raise funds, she would need to personally visit Rose and her community and see first-hand what was being done.  The advice was taken to heart so Jacquie planned a visit to Rose in her village in Zimbabwe for November 2013 and felt lucky when Kari asked to join her.  It was a very special experience for both of them. 

And Now:

We had a very moving experience at the school and with Rose and in her village.  We now want to share and inspire our friends, and talk about what we can all do to help Rose in her efforts.  


Jacquie, Kari and others are now helping Rose register her organization, Rise and Shine, as a non-profit with endorsements from the government Provincial AIDS coordinator.  This registration will allow Rise and Shine to raise money from international organizations on a tax free basis. These funds will help Rose get established as a viable, self-sufficient organization.  However, it is going to take some time to complete the registration (begun in November 2013) and secure those long-term funds.  In the meantime, Kari and Jacquie and our families can't afford on our own to support Rose's efforts during this transitional period.  Rose needs support now to continue her efforts until grant funding can be secured.
We will be using this site to share pictures from our trip, tell you about Rose and her organization, the orphans and the school.  We hope you will consider generously supporting Rose's efforts.  If you have any friends or family who you feel would be interested in providing support, please forward the link to this website and encourage them to join us.  We would love to share our experience with people who are motivated and interested to learn more.  Let us know.

Jacquie McKenna                                    
E-mail:  jmckenna@indra.com 
Cell:  720-244-4591 

Kari Armstrong
E-mail:  kariarmstrong@gmail.com
Cell:  608-213-9483


We're working right now on helping Rose establish Rise and Shine's separate bank account in Zimbabwe and she will hopefully receive soon a Zimbabwean non-profit registration number (everything takes more time than expected!).  We are also working on establishing a 501(c )(3) alliance so that donations can be made through a tax deductible organization in the US.  Until we have that affiliation set up, however, any donations made are considered gifts.

Kari and Jacquie have established the LLC  "Rise and Shine Colorado Foundation LLC" which will serve to raise funds and collect donations for Rose's organization "Rise and Shine" in Chilimanzi, Zimbabwe.  We have opened a checking account in the name of "Rise and Shine Colorado Foundation."

Please donate to the foundation via check or PayPal.


If you prefer to donate with a check, please send checks written out to "Rise and Shine Colorado Foundation" to Jacquie McKenna 740 Willowbrook Rd., Boulder, CO 80302

Since sending wires to Zimbabwe is costly, what we will do is gather the donations under  "Rise and Shine Colorado Foundation" and then send aggregated amounts to Rose's Rise and Shine Bank Account in Zimbabwe. 

And we will definitely be following up to let you know how Rose progresses as well as keep you informed about the school and the children.  Jacquie and I hope to return to Zimbabwe in 2015 with our families for a follow-up visit.
Use of Funds:  

Depending on how much money is raised, we will need to coordinate with Rose as to her priories amongst the pressing needs of the orphans and the school.  To give you an idea how your funds would be used, below is a summary of donation goals:
Note:  there are presently 297 children at the school; approximately 67 are orphans not receiving any financial assistance, and many of the families living in Rose's village could use assistance with these expenses.  There are 3 school terms in Zimbabwe.  First Term runs from January to April, Second Term from May to August, and Third Term from September to December.
Cost of school supplies per child per year:
US $19 for Early Childhood Classes (PreK): (30 students): $570 will sponsor school supplies for all of Early Childhood Classes for one year

US $1.50 for Grades 1 (35 students): $52.50 will sponsor school supplies for all of Grade 1 for one year

US $1.50 for Grade 2 (32 students): $48 will sponsor school supplies for all of Grade 2 for one year

US $4.00 for Grade 3 (40 students): $160 will sponsor school supplies for all of Grade 3 for one year

US $4.00 for Grade 4 (40 students): $160 will sponsor school supplies for all of Grade 4 for one year

US $4.00 for Grade 5 (40 students): $160 will sponsor school supplies for all of Grade 5 for one year

US $8.00 in Grades 6 (40 students): $320 will sponsor school supplies for all of Grade 6 for one year

US $8.00 in Grades 7 (40 students): $320 will sponsor school supplies for all of Grade 7 for one year

$1,790.50 sponsors school supplies for the whole school for one year

Cost of school fees per child per term:
$20 - school fees per one term per child 

($5,940 will sponsor the school fees of all 297 children in the school for one term)

$600 will sponsor the school fees for all 30 children in Early Childhood Classes for 1 term

$700 will sponsor the school fees for all 35 children in Grade 1 for 1 term

$640 will sponsor the school fees for all 32 children in Grade 2 for 1 term

$800 will sponsor the school fees for all 40 children in Grade 3 for 1 term

$800 will sponsor the school fees for all 40 children in Grade 4 for 1 term

$800 will sponsor the school fees for all 40 children in Grade 5 for 1 term

$800 will sponsor the school fees for all 40 children in Grade 6 for 1 term

$800 will sponsor the school fees for all 40 children in Grade 7 for 1 term

Cost of Uniforms, including socks and shoes:

Uniforms can continue to be worn while they still fit or until they are too torn.  Uniforms can be passed down.  You can see from our pictures that kids are wearing a hodgepodge of different uniforms in a wide range of condition.
US $82 - for one girl (141 girls): $11,562 purchases new uniforms for  each girl at the school

US $90 - for one boy (154 boys): $13,860 purchases new uniforms for each boy at the school

US $172 purchases one girl and one boy uniform.
Larger Ticket Items (estimated costs - to be confirmed by firm quotes)

US $3,500--cost of modules, new water pump, wire, installation, travel

US $2,000 - cost of setting up a kitchen to serve one meal a day at the school

US $69,000 - cost of both the construction and labor for a new classroom which meets Ministry of Education code