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Weekly RCB Schedule

  • 9/19 Exciting Week    Everyone should have been added to the mailing list by now. Anticipate news about our ever anticipated Fall Retreat!
  • 9/16 Greetings    It was great to see everybody at the Block Party. Our first meeting was an informal get-together of ice cream and floats, friends both old and new, jokes and laughs, and all ending in prayerful worship/worshipful prayer: awesome. Thanks for coming out guys.


Mini Schedule

 Sunday 9/20
 Breakfast, Portfoilio 9:30 AM
 Ren Church pick-up, 15 West 10:15AM
 Leadership Meeting, Upper Met C, 5 PM

Wednesday 9/23
rcb weekly meeting, Upper Met TBD, 8 PM

More at events page.