Welcome to the RISC OS Font Library, where you can download a collection of selected/tested PD fonts as well as my own conversions of various high quality open source typefaces. Please note that many of these fonts contain contain "extra" characters and work best with the RISC OS 5 Unicode-aware font system. For those running RISC OS 4/6, this article from the Icon Bar describes how to add Unicode font support.

Additionally, I'm currently only able to test these fonts with freely-available software in emulation. Your results may vary on real hardware and with high-end software packages. You can help out in by testing these fonts on real hardware (Risc PC, Iyonix, A9Home, Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard, etc) and in high-end software packages (Easiwriter/Techwriter, Artworks, Ovation Pro, etc) and reporting those results to me. E-mail test reports to mjkerpan [at] kerpan.com.

In addition, donations are welcome if you like my conversion jobs and have more money than common sense.

Available Fonts (Downloads in the Library)

  • Cabin (OFL licensed, created by Pablo Impallari, converted by me in September 2012)
  • Exo (OFL licensed, created by Natanael Gama, converted by me in September 2012)

  • Fanwood (MIT licensed, created by Barry Schwartz from designs by Rudolf Ruzicka, converted by me in September 2012)
  • Roboto (Apache licensed, created by Christian Robertson, converted by me in September 2012)
  • Simonetta (OFL licensed, created by Brownfox, converted by me in September 2012

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