RIPT 2020 - No RIPT(COVID-19 edition)

Well this sucks.  With the Founder's son moving to Kitchener in June, the stage was set for the game to return to where it was played the most. Though the yard space was smaller and would necessitate only using 6 holes ( the classic RIPT 3 X 6 rounds), we were aiming for a fall game.  With the recent announcement to reduce event capacity in the province we are saying NO to the running of the RIPT for 2020.  Even a social distance RIPT was considered, albeit realizing it would not bring the same joy.
2020 has just been a whirlwind of suckage all around and we don't think it's done (US election to come).  We feel so sad for the incredible loss of life and the livelihoods of so many.  We can only hope that we as species leverage this time for the betterment of all us.

To all the past Ripters, Friends and Families alike, we are placing a stake in the ground for next year - The RIPT share return in 2021 no matter what!  Running as normal or social distance.  Clear you calendars!! Grab you sticks! and prepare for

RIPT '21 - The Best RIPT There Ever Will Be 
August 28, 2021

and just cause we had a great night with the legend in 2016!