About the RIPT


Founded in 1989 by Richard Royston in Victoria, British Columbia,  the Royston Invitational Putting Tournament is an annual putting tournament held on regular lawn. This hybrid sport between golf and mini-golf, requires a unique combination of skill and luck. 

Until 1997, the tournament was held at the Royston household in Colwood, British Columbia, outside of Victoria.  There was no tournament held in 1996 due to the death of Rose Royston the mother of the founder and in 1997 the Roystons moved to Kitchener, Ontario where the tournament welcomed a whole new set of putters. 

In 2005 the tournament moved to Paul & Christine McIntyre Royston's house in Kitchener. In 2008, the tournament was held as a surprise for Paul's 30th birthday at a private mini-golf course in Burlington, Ontario; because of the alternate venue the champion's score has an asterisk to mark the non-traditional conditions. In 2009, the RIPT was moved to Paul & Christine's new home in Burlington. When the couple moved to Calgary in 2011, alas a regular lawn was not included as part of the living situation.  However in 2015, that was rectified and so the tourney began anew.  In 2018, with a move back to Ontario, the Tournament returned to the biggest province to once again lure in putterers from that great land.

Some Interesting Facts:
  • The course designer digs each hole with a bulb tool and a small hand trowel and they are filled with professional golf cups and trimmed with scissors.
  • The course is cut at the lowest level of a conventional electric lawnmower and the rough typically left to grow for several weeks.
  • In 1989 the course had but two holes and was played back and forth 9 times
  • In 1990 the course expanded to three holes and stayed that way for many years
  • In 1997 the course was limited by the lawn space and was 5 holes - played in 3 sets of 6 holes each ( one hole doubled up)
  • In 2005 it was decided to expand to 2 rounds of 9 holes, no longer would putters double back and do 6 holes in reverse! 
  • In 2017, the course was played at Auburn Mills (a friend's home) - this was the first non-family house to host the tourney
  • In 2018, the game was played in Oakville for the first time with 9 holes played with 7 physical golf hole cups.
  • In 2019, with cheaper golf holes available on Amazon, the course expanded in the front lawn to 9 full holes, played twice.
  • In 2020, the tournament was cancelled due to that bastard, COVID-19
Summary of the 2019 Tourney

The custom map returned, this time in digital form.  A triumphant 2-peat was achieved by Dick McIntyre - his incredible puttering led to a solid victory in a battle with son-in-law. It was a challenging course for most with 9 holes finely crafted in the front lawn at 1387 Greenridge Circle, Oakville. Damn That's Far really was, and skirting the sidewalk was very hazardous and led to many penalty shots.

Summary of the 2018 Tourney

Moving back to Ontario for the first time since 2010, the province welcomed the game with open arms.  A unique course, played primarily in the front yard of the McIntyre Royston's house in Oakville.  We had the some first timer;'s win both the Women's and Overall trophies AND they are married (and happened to be Christine's Aunt and Uncle).  The lawn was in some of the worst conditions that the greensmaster had ever had to work with and the built-in sprinkler system posed a unique challenge.  By all accounts the most interesting hole ran the length of the gully between the neighbour's house.  Between moist moss wacky weeds - the hole had it all.  

Summary of the 2015 Tourney 

After a five year hiatus the game has returned and now on its third province. One of the smallest fields ever to play (8) but certainly one of the feistiest.   The course had 5 holes in the front yard and 4 in the back for nice even play.

Some strong converts were made to the game and next year promises to be a robust field. Including green support and a rumored Masters-style jacket that may make an appearance.  Once you attend a RIPT, you will always be invited to future tourneys.

One last interesting note, this is the first time in the tourney's history that the Founder Richard Royston has not played.