"Come for the pizza, stay for the stuff" 



Playable Maps 

Capture point TF2 map

A map styled on Well but more compact and in a different environment style. 







A map that is inspired by the movie'300', features colour correction and HDR. Will be first map of mine to have my own custom props. Successor to Zeus it will be out fall/winter 2007. 1st Beta recently won Addon DB's editors choice.

Beta 2 features dm_zeus_redux as an added bonus. 

Get it here provided by Filefront.



A newer version of my older dm_zeus, It had a complete theme and graphics overhaul.  Available with dm_agoge_b2.


Sin Episodes... we will miss you, this was the first ever custom map for the short lived series. 

Get It Here


Long lost on the information highway, this was my second released source map, for the mod HL2CTF.