Welcome to the Ripped & Happy website. Here you will find reviews on some of the most popular fitness products in the market that claim to help you burn fat, build muscle and achieve that dream body of yours in a very short period of time.

We have all fallen for scams or paid high prices for unnecessary and unworthy products that have got us nowhere. This has destroyed our hope and trust for new products that keep coming out no matter how reliable or real they are.

My name is Edwin Lancaster and I have personally purchased several products shown on TV infomercials that are just too good to be true. Who would have had the common sense to realize that an ab workout machine cannot build your biceps that big and make your chest pop out so well. When I think about it, I wish I had a time machine to go back in time and scream the word “LAAAME!!” at myself.

I was so obsessed with losing weight and getting a really good Hollywood style physique that I lost track of what was real. It was later that I came across several internet ebooks on fat loss. The first one I ever ready was Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle which to this date I have not COMPLETELY gone through. It is so big and so detailed that I just skimmed through it to get the main points.

What I learnt from this book was that you can eat 5 to 6 meals a day and get ripped bodybuilder style. It was working quite well and I actually lose quite a lot of weight but it was getting more and more difficult to manage a 6 meal a day routine every single day! It was tiring to come up with food to eat all that time. That is when I decided to try out other programs that are available online.

This is how the Ripped & Happy website came to being. There are so many programs out there that provided excellent techniques and approaches to build muscle or get ripped or simply lose weight. I decided to try them all and write an evaluation of what my take was on each of these programs.

You can see the reviews of the programs I have tried out so far. There are literally hundreds out there but I have personally tried only these few that looked credible and fool proof. Others are just clones or very similar to the programs I have reviewed in this website.

So don’t judge the laziness of me. I just don’t believe in rehash stuff and wasting your precious time. Oops! You probably wasted a lot of seconds reading through this boring story of mine. I am not going to disturb you any further. You can go ahead and explore this precious little website of mine with very honest feedback from my point of view.

I personally follow very a simplistic approach to fat loss. Nothing complicated. I eat like a maniac and still manage to stay lean and get ripped when I need to. (It is not easy to be ripped forever!) The only thing I do is fast for 24 hours twice a week and workout 3 days for 45 minutes. I learnt the diet approach from Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program and the workouts are taken from Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training system.


My 3 Favorite Muscle Gaining Programs

#1 Muscle Gain Truth Review

Here is a quick review of my fav workout system I have been following for years.

What is Muscle Gain Truth – No Fail System?

When I first came across the Muscle Gain Truth website, I was like, who the heck is Sean Nalewanyj and when on earth did his product become the best seller for 2007? How did I NOT know about this?Those were the first thoughts that came in to my mind and raised a high level of skepticism of whether or not I should try his product. 

Since the Muscle Gain Truth – No Fail system was endorsed by Clickbank, I was confident enough to give this program a quick read and get a refund if it proved unsatisfactory within 8 weeks.

So does Sean Nalewanyj really tell you The Truth about Building Muscle? Read on to find out…

    The Muscle Gain Truth manual is over 300 pages long and took me 5 hours to brush through and I have to say, there are many things in this book that you probably have heard and neglected before but when you look at it from Sean’s perspective, they all make perfect sense.

In the Muscle Gain Truth book, Sean Nalewanyj talks about various attributes to a perfect muscle building workout like repetition speed, the recommended number of reps and sets per workout, the ONLY types of exercises that should be performed for maximum results, the proper rest periods between sets, a warm-up routine that will give you strength to lift more weight that usual etc..

There are just a tiny gist of what you will find in the exercise section of the Muscle Gain Truth and I have to admit, I really enjoyed reading this whole section because not only was it written in a tone that could be understood by everybody, but it was written in a justified way so that your questions are already answered before you even think about it.

Then there is the Diet and Nutrition section of Sean Nalewanyj’s Truth About Building Muscle routine where you find totally different view on effective diet for muscle building. When you read other muscle building guides, they will tell you to eat any junk that comes your way because you need to eat more calories than you burn to build muscle.

    I really like the part where Sean Nalewanyj talks about 4 important meals during the day; your pre and post workout meals, your breakfast and bed time meal. That’s right! You will be eating/drinking a recommended meal 30-45 minutes before you go to bed to make muscle building more effective.

You will also get your hands on several ranges of meal plans for those with different calorie requirements that you can calculate using one of the formulas in the Muscle Gain Truth manual.

Another thing that I like about the Muscle Gain Truth – No Fail System is the special bonus that comes with it, The Metabolic Blast. A special fat loss routine put forth by Sean Nalewanyj for those who really want to get super ripped to turn heads.Sean Nalewanyj Metabolic Blast

Once you read the Muscle Gain Truth book, you will find out how easy it is to build muscle. Once you build all that muscle, you will also put on some unwanted fat. That is natural. Sean takes a step further and shows you what you should do next to keep that muscle, and keep burning fat much faster using the Metabolic Blast system which I whole heartedly agree with and have been following for years!

Although these things might sound too good to be true especially concerning a package like this for such a price, but I have to warn you that this program has its downside as well.

In order to follow this routine, you need to commit yourself to pack on mass in a short period of time. You will have to eat at certain times you might not be comfortable with, and you cannot miss a workout on that particular date no matter what. If you do! You will have to wait a whole other week to do that workout. NO EXCUSES!

The program is pretty strict when it comes to these factors. And one more thing! If you don’t like reading too much, please go buy another program, because even though you find complementing videos to support the program, you still will not find out comprehensive enough to pursue!
So does the Muscle Gain Truth – No Fail System really work?

    Yes it does, and if you follow it accordingly, you will see shocking results within days! In fact, I made a few changes to my workout and diet following the suggestions in the Muscle Gain Truth manual, and I was shocked to see the change in my physique within the first week.

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#2 Optimum Anabolics Review

If you know Optimum Anabolics, then you definitely should know about Jeff Anderson. In the past few years, Jeff Anderson, a former Military Trainer, has managed to achieve the nick name, “Muscle Nerd” among the fitness professionals all over the world.

What is Optimum Anabolics?

Jeff Anderson is a geek when it comes to trying new and unique ways to increase muscle growth. When he came out with his book Optimum Anabolics, many professionals were highly offended by the content inside the book. It goes against most beliefs in the body building world.

Optimum Anabolics is the complete insight to helping a totally “Skinny” or “Hard Gainer” type to gain large amount of muscle mass in a short period of time. The technique in his MAIN book is a diet focused strategy that takes you over a course of nine whole weeks to get the actual results of muscle growth.
The Optimum Anabolics Diet

For this 9 week period, you are given a complete log of how many calories you need to eat and how much of them will be from Protein, Carbs and Fat. You will discover a new approach to releasing the natural growth hormones in your body to influx a sudden boost in muscle growth in the last few weeks of the program.
The Optimum Anabolics Workout

This is a very intense part of the program. I LOVE the workouts and HATE them at the same time. You are provided with a 9 week workout training program. In each week, the rest periods change, the number of sets tend to increase and decrease. In other words, you are completely spoon fed with the diet and workout system to boost muscle growth.

The only part where you will think for yourself is when you are picking exercises and picking the food for your diet.

    In the Optimum Anabolics main book, you will find a rating of the top 10 exercises for each muscle group to achieve best results. As I have mentioned from time to time, bodyweight exercises are excellent weapons for building mass. Jeff Anderson seems to agree with me.

The workout section is designed in such a way that you can pick your own exercises from his recommended list and beat the crap out of your body.

The reason why I hate the Optimum Anabolics workout is because they are too intense. I was able to get through the all individual parts but the leg day was terrible. I thought I was having a nightmare by the second superset. It was so intense, and I was sore and walking funny for 4 days straight.

Of course by the end of the first 3 weeks, you will get over the soreness, but the another part I did not like is that you have to commit yourself to working out 5 days a week, one body part per day, 45 o 60 minutes per workout!

In my opinion, Optimum Anabolics is the perfect weapon for anybody who wishes to increase muscle growth and see results within the first week. People start complementing my arms and back after the first week!

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time out of your daily schedule. The workouts are really intense which means this is not for the faint hearted. NO WAY in HELL!

You must watch what you eat. In the main Optimum Anabolics book, you find a section that shows you how to count calories without using any measurement tools, but you still need focus on eating the right food at the right time.

    My Verdict: Optimum Anabolics is a very strict program and it is not for the faint hearted! If you want to build muscle fast, this system will work wonders. If you have been struggling to add weight, well, not anymore! If you have the time and willingness to commit to this strict system to get great results, then go ahead and try Optimum Anabolics with all your might 

#3 7 Minute Muscle Review

If you have been to the 7 Minute Muscle website already, I know one particular question that is definitely running through your mind right now.

What is 7 Minute Muscle?

How does it actually work? Is it any different from other programs out there? What is the main concept of this program?

Let’s see how much I can explain to you in this 7 minute muscle review. I can easily say that it is a great program for those tied up with time, but wish to build muscle, lose fat, get ripped all with a moderate diet that doesn’t require watchful counting or over feeding.

Yet, you still need to actually understand what 7 Minute Muscle is all about! Let me break it up to you in a really simple manner. I can’t disclose the whole concept, but I’ll explain the thing I really like about this system.

This unique approach to muscle building, brought to you by Jon Benson, the author of the very popular Fit Over 40 Book, consists of a mixture of traditional bodybuilding, with a special essence of Escalated Density Training at the same time.

    Using this workout program, you will only need 7 minutes to get your muscles fully pumped and damaged to boost growth in that specific part.

It’s quite similar to EDT, but there is a lot more going on. You do 2 sets in 7 minutes targeting the same body part. By the time you are done, you will be gassed out, and your muscles will be super pumped.

There are 3 variations to this program. You can workout for 7 minutes, 14 minutes or 21 minutes. 21 minutes is for extremely advanced trainers. Jon himself only works out for 14 minutes, and I personally don’t last for longer than 7 minutes.

You basically tend to 5 days a week targeting an individual body part on each day, like the Chest, Back, Legs, Biceps, Shoulders. You can also do a 14 minute workout with 7 minutes for your chest, and 7 minutes for your back or legs.

Jon has also made up ready made structures with recommended exercises for each body part to improve your muscle building results. Stick to these exercises and you WILL see major growth in your muscles.

There is one thing I don’t like about 7 minute muscle though. It doesn’t have a section for diet. Jon doesn’t explain how you should be eating to build muscle effectively, but I tested this approach with my recommended Eat Stop Eat diet and it worked perfectly.
Best Diet for 7 Minute Muscle

7 minute muscle combined with Eat Stop Eat can help you enjoy a care free lifestyle. Workouts that only take seven minutes and a diet that lets you eat what you want with calorie counting out of the equation? Talk about simplicity.

    I would like to warn you about one more thing though. Even though 7 minute muscle sounds simple, it is not for the faint of hearts. After 7 minutes of a leg workout, you might not look back at these workouts every. It requires commitment and motivation for results.

Jon also does a great job of motivating you with his mindset phase system to help you get more results with these workouts. There’s also a section for 3 minute calves, 9 minute cardio and abs routine for added results.

Verdict: If you have the commitment and energy to push hard in those 7 daunting minutes, then 7 Minute Muscle is good to go.

More info about workout programs and machines can be found in my main website below!