SizzleTwist is the latest victim of Rip Off Report Scam

posted Mar 22, 2009, 12:05 PM by   [ updated Apr 23, 2009, 11:45 AM ]
03/01/2009 - has become one of the latest of an ever growing list of victims of Rip Off Report is a privately-owned and operated for-profit website with the stated purpose of giving consumers a voice in disputes with corporations and public figures. Individuals are encouraged to submit their complaints, and those statements are posted online, but there’s a catch. Rip Off Report does not validate of the authenticity of such complaints, meaning anyone can post false, negative information about their competitors and remain anonymous.

Even worse, the administrator of RipOff Report, Ed Magedson, solicits these descriptions of alleged ripoffs and publishes those reports to attract the attention of the alleged offenders, then attemps to extort money from these companies by suggesting they join the "Corporate Advocacy and Remediation Program" that has been offered for some businesses at more than $50,000 along with an additional monthly retainer fee.

At least one lawsuit alleges that Magedson manipulates information found on the Ripoff Report, and attempts to extort money from companies in exchange for removing (or editing) complaints posted. It also alleges that Magedson posts libelous statements about them if they do not comply. Therfore, consumers should not judge any company, including SizzleTwist, based on postings on as not only are they not checked for legitimacy or accuracy, and the website uses potentially false information against these companies to attempt to make a profit through extortion.

Here are some views about Ripoff Report:

  • Jerry Nordstrom, founder of Lead Discovery: "Ripoff Report is a joke. Used by all sales reps to trash the competing company, then they point their prospects there."
  • Ryan Sammy of Search and Social: "Its amazing Google allows a scammy website like that to be in their index. I'm a little surprised at Google."
  • David Snyder, CEO, Search and Social: "It is a website that instead of helping the consumer, only further hurts the consumer as well as the business it is targeting. It is a game of extortion, that Google is not taking a stance against."
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