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HDTV Yagi antenna (WA5JVB), with copper wire and PVC pipe

Here's a homemade Yagi antenna for HDTV use - thanks to WA5VJB. WA5VJB's Popular Communications articlelocal copy (PDF).

Materials are: 3/4" schedule 40 PVC pipe, #8 AWG solid copper wire, 75 ohm RG59 coax cable, 60 watt soldering iron, PVC cement, super glue (to glue copper wire to PVC pipe), hot glue (to prevent stress on soldered connections), drill, cable ties. Note: a 60 watt soldering iron was needed to properly melt the solder on #8 gauge copper wire.

HDTV antenna - footprint is about 12 square inches:

AA6PZ analysis of WA5VJB's design:

PVC pipe earthquake brace for a LCD TV

The PVC pipe contraption secures the back of a LCD TV (wall mount bracket holes) to a TV stand. The TV pedestal itself is not secured to the stand. Careful alignment and assembly can be challenging especially when dealing with 45 degree PVC sections and quick bonding PVC cement. [One section of pipe ended up a bit short, so it had to be re-patched with a salvaged PVC T-section].