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ARRL General License Class (2011-2015) course presentation, sections 4.5 - 4.7

PDF - 49 pages (~ 900 KB)
ODP - OpenOffice / LibreOffice source document (~ 1.4 MB)


Old photo, w/Yaesu FT-857 go-kit:


Pneumatic tennis ball launcher:

For stringing up wires into trees to suspend various antennas.  Built by a co-worker/machinist.


Battery Plus Werker WKG12-31J 31Ah capacity SLA (sealed lead acid) battery:

With 25 Amp fuse and Anderson PowerPole connector.  Constantly being charged by a 4' x 1' solar panel and a Morningstar charge controller.

Marine deep cycle battery:

Bought for Y2K, and is charged maybe every 2 years using a regular car battery charger.  Charging is not always successful, unless desulfator (see next picture) is used on it for a week - then the green float appears in the specific gravity float window of battery after charging for about 12 - 14 hours.

Wiz-Bang Plus battery desulfator: 

For restoring the 13-yr old deep-cycle marine battery - battery clamps not included with desulfator.