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HF go-kit, FT-857

HF operation

Case: Pelican model 1400

Yaesu FT-857D HF portable transceiver (the Pelican 1400 go-kit fits nicely inside a backpack).

Cover closed:

Ready for travel / deployment.

Case open:

 Showing packed power cables, microphone, operating manual.

Ready for operation (antenna not attached):

Alpha Delta TT3G50 coax surge protector, grounding strap and stake - protecting the HF port of the FT-857D.

Case cover:

Holds microphone, FT-857 control head, Simpson 1.5" Model 1212 Wide-Vue 1mA DC meter w/220 ohm series resistor, and Velcro-attached pill bottle for fuses, etc.

1mA external analog meter background (for Yaesu FT-857/897):

QSX Jan. 2009 article (PDF), and panel image below (both reposted here with permission from Eric ZS2ECH). Other panel images by OK2FJ can be found here.

Yeasu FT-857 cheat sheet:

  • PDF
  • .odp (OpenOffice source document)