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VHF packet go-kit, FT-1802

VHF packet operation

Case: Pelican model 1400

Yaesu FT-1802 mobile transceiver, Kantronics MT1200 1200-baud packet TNC, and homemade blue LED reading lamp.
This is the equipment and setup that I use to digipeat APRS packets with the ISS (ground plane antenna not shown).

Cover closed:

Ready for travel / deployment.

Case open:

Showing cables and Palm Pilot PDA packed in blue and black pouches, etc.

TNC mounting and cabling:

With the Red-Dee-2 Connect PS-4T+

Ready for operation:

(antenna not attached)

Go-kit with Palm IIIxe PDA:

PDA w/serial port software stored in flash memory, shown connected to Kantronics MT1200 packet TNC.
[ I found an ARRL article (PDF) from KA9VVQ with similar Palm PDA application - which is no longer posted at ARRL?]