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Rinku now a days

Rinku Singh Rahi is currently posted in DR. BHIMRAO AMBEDKAR IAS/PCS PRE EXAM COACHING CENTRE, ALIGARH as course coordinator. Rinku has told everything about the scam. He personally feels that there are very few people in the system who are in the support of rinku getting justice. With this he has taken promise from us for not to disclose about real facts of scam what can not be proved with proper documents, what he is going to collect by using right to information act. However it can be said that rinku is not going to get justice so easily. At present everyone accused of his attempt to murder is out of jail. & enquiry has been done just to hide whole scam. for example-
In 2009-10 on the account of pension money was drawn for more than 62447 pensioners-.But in his complaint rinku reported to his C.D.O. that as against these 62447 pensioners there existed just only about 47000 pensioners. hence corruption of more than 5 crore was there clearly. However gone are the days, but this fact could not be proved even now.
as it can be found out without much labour that in 2008-09 (see http://swd.up.nic.in/oldage_farmer.pdf a very authentic sourse) money was drawn for 62447 pensioners, but as per the instructions of CENTRAL GOVT. when there was requirement of physical verification of pensioners. Just only about 52000 pensioners could be verified just within two month after his attack ( It can be verified by contacting current District Social Welfare officer at  9453256523 or District Magistrate at 9454417574 of Muzaffarnagar). Now very simple question arises why not 62447 pensioners could be verified. thus clearly there is a gap of about 10.000 pensioners. who do not exist but money was drawn for them. here rinku told us that even another about 5000 (difference in between 52000 and 47000) is just because of new pensions sanctioned at his time, and these people didn't get pension last year.
But very astonishing fact is that neither depatmental enquiry (stated about 61000 pensioners) nor police enquiry has found this fact.
so. rinku  is about to be defeated in his first pat of struggle. as what he states that this is a ' YE TO BAHUT CHHOTA SA GHOTALA HAI, BACHCHON WALA GHOTALA' major scam belongs to FEE REIMBURSEMENT scheme.
Rinku is not free from obstacles even now. As per him he has faced very humiliating responses in current posting.
Hot news-
As per Rinku, he could not stop game of commisision in puchasing by his subordinates (but fortunately in purchasing of just about 2 lacs) . However he has complained about it through proper channel but channels are itself corrupted.
So, we can say to Rinku, our HERO- 
Keep it up,              Honesty will win at least at last.                  We are with you. Give Us Just a Call Whenever YOU Need Us.
                                                            We are proud of You My Dear.