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Lucky Zmej? [Vardamir, 2008-11-03]

Aribeth in Hunter [Vardamir, 2008-11-03]

Trapped in Brolg? [Vardamir, 2008-11-01]

New area for me vs Khaje. [Vardamir] 

A minor battle in Moria vs Boldor. [Vardamir]

Oguga and the battle between our charmies. [Vardamir]

Saved by [Vardamir]

When I got myself earthquake and tested it. [Vardamir]

Bad luck. [Morgazh]

Revenge on the Bad luck. [Morgazh]

Aithos and Zorts in trouble while chasing me in Moria. [Morgazh]

Morgazh in Dragon is bad for those trying to kill him. [Morgazh]

A trap blap. [Morgae]

My very first log with p(Dragóth). [Mordak]

Ancient logs by other players

Trica dies to Gryluk and Cerberos.

A solo Throg in the slaying of Brazsh.

A battle in Warrens logged by Rockfish.

Enso starring in a nasty showdown outside the NOC.

Stok and other minions trapping in EPriest.

Pukes dying to fearsome darkies in GC.

Lando goes down on the Moors.

Two groups clash in Moria.

Shelizb vs Alamus.

Algaron dies by Nazghol.

BN dies in the "new zones" by Aschit.

Muck demonstrating his power by a random newbie.

Ashram's crew west of Bree by Galnor.

Cellar trap by Eckhart.

The warlords clash by Norsu.

A nasty bash by Enso.

Orc dying in EPriest by Healy.

Pare by Scratch.

A smart warhorse? by Natash.

Beaten up by Grover.

Dead or Alive? by Nifty.

Demotion by Námo by Bumfluff.

Macros meets the maker by Atastor.

A battle west by Enso.

AFK in cellar by Thrombus.

Ambush at the filthy cave by Cerberos.

The blood of Zeveron by Norsu starring Blázkh (Mordak).

Zim dying by Norsu.

An ancient orc raid by Drulchz (Mordak).