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Many different types of ringworm inhabit parts of the body. Although these infections are common, many people don't know what they look like.Recognizing these infections with ringworm pictures, will enable you to have a better understanding of the symptoms involved. This article gives a brief account of the five different types of infections, along with pictures of the part of the body it affects.

Picture of body ringworm

This type of infection normally affects the trunk. It appears on the body as a ring-like red patch with a prominent edge. As the ringworm spreads, the centre of the patch often clears to leave normal skin.

Scalp ringworm picture

This looks like one or more round, scaly, itchy patches of hair loss on the scalp. In more sever cases the skin can become crusted and inflamed. The infection occurs mostly in children and is more common in over crowded conditions.

Picture of nail ringworm

With nail infections, the nails thicken and become brittle, and usually break of at the ends. The turn yellow in color and the nail can detach itself slightly from the nail bed. The toenails are more often affected than the finger nails.

Athlete's foot image

This is a fungus that affects the feet. Itching and burning of the skin occurs between the toes. The infection can spread to the soles, and side of the feet. If the infection is untreated, the skin can crack and bleed.

Jock itch image

This is more often referred to as ringworm of the groin.This infection is mostly found in mails, and produces an itchy, reddened area that spreads from the genitals outwards over the inside of the thigh.

The ringworm pictures displayed above, show that ringworm can appear anywhere on the body and assume a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. However these infections can eventually be cleared with treatment. These treatments can range from conventional medication at one end of the scale, through to complementary treatment and natural cures. Which ever course of action one takes, it’s important to note ringworm can be cleared and should never cause despair.