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Athlete's Foot

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What is ringworm?

This common infection has nothing to do with the worm, it is caused by a group of fungi called the dermatophytes. These microscopic organisms live on the outer layer of dead skin. This fungi is called ringworm, because the infections tend to form worm-like round patches on the body with smooth centres. The infection thrives best in warm, moist conditions. The medical term for this condition is known as "Tinea"

How do you catch ringworm?

The infections may be acquired from another infected person, from an animal, from soil, from the floors of showers, or from household objects, such as chairs or carpets.

How do you prevent ringworm?

Ringworm can effect any of us at any time, but it is more common in children. Household pets are the common cause of transmitting the disease, so should be checked regularly by a vet. To prevent athlete's foot infection you should wear some sort of footwear like flip-flops in communal changing places such as swimming pools. Don't share towels, or wear socks or shoes belonging to others.Exercise mats should be cleaned after each use in public gyms or schools. To avoid scalp ringworm you should avoid sharing hair brushes, combs, hair bands, and don't wear any headgear belonging to others such as caps hats etc. You should always shower after any contact sports. Overall ringworm is very contagious so special care is needed, so always wash if you think you have been in contact with the fungi.

What is the best treatment for ringworm?

There are various types of ringworm that effects different parts of the body, we need to identify these before we can begin any treatment. There are many antifungal drugs in the form of skin creams, lotions, or ointments. However, for widespread infections or those affecting the hair or nails, an antifungal drug in table form may be necessary. Natural cures is proving very popular in fighting ringworm, these types of therapies generally attempt to boost the immune system and have not been proven to have any side effects, unlike some conventional medicinal substances.

Types of ringworm and its symptoms

Athletes Foot

Ringworm associated with the feet is better known as, athletes foot. This type of condition causes severe cracking of the skin between the toes. It can also spread to the nails, the soles and the side of your feet. The symptoms can be itchy and very painful. This condition can be spread in public places, like showers, locker rooms or even fitness centers.

Nail Ringworm

What is ringworm in the nails. This type of condition can cause your nails to become thick, deformed, brittle and discoloured. It occurs mostly in adults and adolescents. Children rarely suffer from this condition.

Scalp Ringworm

This condition looks like a crusty little bump on the head. This in turn can cause baldness around the ringworm spot. It mostly occurs in children in the 2 to 10 age group. It is highly contagious and rarely occurs in adults.

Body Ringworm

The most common of all is body ringworm, This infection is identified as a ring like rash, and is flat and reddish in colour. This can occur on many parts of the body, and can be scaly at times. It can occur in all ages, and the areas can be very itchy at times, When we scratch these areas it only causes it to spread to other parts of the body