Ringside Accessories
Steel Cages 

RingSkirts is now offering custom made steel cages for the Jakks RSR and Mattel ESR!  There is a lot of time, materials and labor that go into the construction of each of our cages.  They are made out of wooden frames and plastic mesh (so they are not as painful as custom cages made with real steel mesh).  Cages are attached to the ring with silver twist ties (included with your purchase).  Each cage also has one panel with a working door.  Please note that cages take longer to produce than our other items.  So please allow about 1 month for your cage to be produced plus shipping time.  

Shipping Upgrades 
for Cages
Due to the size of this item international buyers must add a shipping upgrade fee to their cart to complete there purchase of any cage.  Shipping upgrades are not needed for buyers within the U.S.

2013 Style Steel Cage

Custom Mattel ESR Cage photo SDC10501_zpse9af54b4.jpgCustom Mattel ESR Cage photo SDC10510_zps172fe81a.jpgCustom Mattel ESR Cage photo SDC10506_zps1e4996c5.jpg


Silver Plated Handcuffs for Figures

Check out the new custom made figure sized handcuffs for your wrestling figures!  We have wanted to make these available to the public for a long time and the time is finally here!  These handcuffs really work and open to fit on the hands of your Mattel or Jakks wrestling figures.  Each set comes with about 2 inches of chain enough to be able to cuff your figures with their arms in the front or back.  (note the only figures that we have found that they don't fit well on are the fat Jakks figures such as Earthquake.  They fit the wrists fine but the chain is only long enough to fit in the front not the back).  The handcuffs our made of silver plated metal.  Larger chains can be made upon request (2.5 or 3 inches long) simply request a larger chain with your order.  Why do we not make the chains longer?  We think they look better with the shorter fit but as stated if you want long simply let us know with your order.  Buy more than one pair and save!



Undertker's Casket


This item is a deluxe custom made casket for WWE wrestling figures.  This custom made accessory is perfect for recreating your favorite casket matches.  It is, as the Undertaker would say “Double wide and double deep” to fit even the biggest of WWE superstars even Yokozuna!  The casket is large enough to fit any Ruthless Aggression or Deluxe Aggression style WWE action figure or classic superstar.  The casket has been finished with multiple coatings of industrial quality paint to take a beating.  It is made out of REAL wood.  The casket lid opens with two hinges and has a metal chain to hold the lid open.  The interior is decorated with classic Undertaker purple satin material and is well padded so even the fiercest of opponents will rest in peace.  Don’t miss your chance to own this one of a kind custom made item!


-Narrowest point: 2 and ¾ inches

-Widest point: 4 and ½ inches

-Depth: over 2 and ½ inches

-Length: over 8 and ½ inches

International and Canadian customers:

Please note that due to the size and weight of this item special shipping considerations must be taken.If you are not from the United States, please make sure to choose the Add to cart button that matches where you are from.This will apply the adjusted shipping costs.Please note that this will be the only shipping charge applied to your entire order.

(i.e. if you order a casket and 4 sets of ring skirts the total shipping charge will still be that of $9 if you are an international customer)


United States

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Casket Black/Purple: $35.50

Casket Black/Purple: $38.50 
Casket Black/Purple: $40.25