Sarli at shows

chosen critiques of Trebell Ticket To Ride

14.08.2013 Väimela national show, judge Helin Kasuk-Tomson (Est): Excellent type. Muzzle could be more filled. Excellent topline, very well developed forechest and rincage, very good front and rear angulation, high hock. Slightly high set, but beautifully carried tail, free movement, beutiful golden colour.

09.02.2013 Golden Retriever speciality, judge Martin Greenwood (UK): nice soft expression, good typical head, good angles front and rear, moved a bit on the slow side, correct tailset, good deep chest, just lacking in condition.

27.01.2013 Retriever Speciality in Narva, judge Erling Kjaer Pedersen (Denmark): very nice head, wellbalanced dog, very good topline, nice bone, moves well, not in his best coat.

26.01.2013 Narva show, judge Pia Itkonen (Finland): Good type, beautiful golden colour, 6 year old whose age shows in the movement, lovely expression and head, balanced angulation, good neck and topline, tail could be bit longer, excellent ribcage, a dog in a very lean condition, should be in better coat, very well handled.

28.07.2012 Haapsalu show, judge Wim Wellens (Holland): 5 years, very typical male, good size and proportions, coat not in ultimate show condition, strong head with very kind eye, correct bite. Well bodied, correct angulation with strong bone. Movement OK, tail carriage a bit high.

07.01.12 Vaimastvere show, judge Marko Lepassaar (Estonia): good breed type, very nice masculine head and expression. Sufficiently dark eyes, correct mouth. Beautiful neck and topline. Correct tailset. Front of excellent width and depth. Good angulation front and rear. Strong feet. Would prefer a more parallel position of hindlegs.

01.10.2011 Retriever specialty in Kõrveküla, judge Elena Casolari Videsott (Italy): 5 years, strongly built, very good bone, very nice model in proportions, nice head and expression, correct head allover, very good front angulation, neck could be a bit longer, good topline, well set tail, good rear angulation, superb coat, he moves well, but is affected by the quality of the floor

09.02.08 Golden retriever spoecialty in Tallinn, judge Joyce Ryder (UK):  medium-sized dark dog, well presented in good coat, pleasing head and expression, well angulated at the front, level topline, well sprung ribs, good bend of stifle, a little apprehensive on the move.

18.08.07 Golden retriever spoecialty in Tallinn, judge Maurice Shortman (GB): masculine head and expression, dark eye, good pigment, well angulated front and rear, deep through chest, short-coupled, moved well when settled. (Photo: Pille Saarnits)

14.07.07 National show in Viljandi, judge G. J. W. de Vries (Holland): lovely type of dog with a good head, dark eye, good bite. Has good neck, good angulation in front and behind, good tailset and bone. Needs more self-confidence.

02.06.07 Retriever specialty at Luige, judge Gillian Wicklow (GB): promising 9 month old puppy, lovely head, well constructed, good shoulders and upper-arm, level topline, well balanced stifles and straight hocks, needs to gain in confidence. (Photo: Triin Edula)