Alvin at shows

chosen critiques of Tenfield Tori

International show "Estonian Winner" in Tallinn, 01.06.2014, judge Barbara Krumpak (Slovenia): lovely boy of excellent quality. Good head and expression, excellent shoulder and topline, excellent angulation, good tight feet. moves well.

17.05.12 Sukora show, judge Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen (Finland): excellent type, soft expression, well angulated, strong bone, very beautiful coat, beautiful neck anmd topline, good tailset. Moves well. Very nice male.

09.01.10 Tartu show, judge Anne Livio Buvik (Norway): excellent type, masculine head, good pigmentation, very nice neck and shoulder, well angulated behind, sufficient in front, well-developed body, moves soundly but a little close behind, carrie sthe tail little high on the move, nice temperament

27.06.09 International Show in Pärnu, judge Inga Siil (Estonia): superb type and size, compact, masculine dog. Superb head and expression, very good neck and front. Excellent topline, good depth of ribcage and very good body. Sufficient hindquarters, strong bone. Excellent coat. In movement a bit narrow behind but excellent movement from the side. Excellent temperament.

06.09.08 National show at Lagedi, judge Helina Jürgens-Simberg (Estonia): excellent type of masculine male, lovely head, a bit wide skull, sufficient reach of neck, good topline, strong back and bone, sufficient depth of ribcage, moves freely, good temperament. (Photo by Liina Maldre)

07.06.08 National show at Kohtla-Järve, judge Valentina Ivaniševa (Russia): balanced, big enough young male with bright coat, head of good lines, straight, a bit short croup, balanced angulation front and rear, good movement, leaves strong impression.

19.04.08 National show at Sillamäe, judge Tina Sulce (Latvia): a male of good size and form, good bone, lovely head, straight topline, sufficient reach of neck, excellent angulation front and behind, free movement, lovely temperament.

09.02.08 Golden retriever specialty in Tallinn, judge Joyce Ryder (UK): a well presented dog in rich dark coat, well balanced head with dark eye and good pigmentation. Good, well laid back shoulder, well bodied at this age of development, level topline both standing and moving with good tail set, well-muscled, moves very positively. (Photo by Triin Edula)

28.07.07 Golden retriever specialty at Viitnal, judge Bruno Facq (Prantsusmaa):  7 months, nice teenager, excellent pigment, excellent length of neck, excellent topline and tailset, excellent bone and feet, excellent front angulation with good chest and excellent ribcage for his age, correct back angulation, loses topline in movement, well presented in good condition. (Photo by Triin Edula)

02.06.07 Retriever specialty at Luige, judge Gillain Wicklow (UK): charming young dog puppy, promising head, lovely dark pigment and dark eye, bite correct, pleasing outline, adequate shoulders and upper arm, level topline, needs to mature into his stifles, straight hocks, moved well, very promising. (Photo by Riia Lehtonen)