Roasted Beets with Gorgonzola

By Me - Inspired by a meal I had in NYC's East Village, like a million years ago

Roasted Beets, peeled, sliced thinly, chilled - 1 per person. I buy them a little bit bigger than a clenched fist (the size, I mean). Make sure that they're hard and not rubbery when you peruse them at the store. They will last a few days longer on your counter until you're ready to cook them.

2T Gorgonzola per person **Any strong cheese would be totally fine here.

1-3t of Nuts, toasted and then chopped **I used Pecans, but the original salad had hazelnuts. I think they were candied too. But let's not get carried away here! ***I think I forgot to toast my nuts today. You should toast your nuts. Waaaay better tasting.

Citrus segments - If possible, supreme them. It's soooooo much prettier. Watch THIS chef do it to learn how (or google it yourself). Today I used a clementine. A grapefruit would've been better. Stronger/bolder flavor to balance the strong Gorgonzola.

Olive Oil to drizzle on top **This is where you use your Fancy Shmancy Olive Oil.

Sea Salt **I used some Smoked Falksalt - seriously, smoked sea salt is a new thing and THESE guys rock the freakin' boat.

How To:
1- If you've not done so, please roast your lovely beets now (washed veg + baking vessel + water , then covered in foil > 350°F oven for 1+ hours). Let cool, then peel, then slice.
2- Spread said beets on a plate. Pretend you're a fancy chef and get your decoration skills on.
3- Sprinkle on the cheese.
4- Time to add pieces of nuts. If you're planning on toasting them you can see how to HERE. *wink*
5- Scatter citrus prettily. Yes you can. I believe in you.
6- Drizzle with oil.
7- Time for salt! Seriously, if you have some fancy-pants salt in your pantry - HERE is where you should use it. *swoon*