Joe Rinehart,  SEO Optimizer

Internet consulting since 1993!

Joe Rinehart is an Internet consultant with an extensive commercial small business e-commerce background. I've been recognized by  media as the Author of the 1st URL advertised in a computer magazine ;)

I'm currently available to perform a one-time Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review of your web site homepage index for a one time fee! 


I'll review your web site and write an email of what is wrong with your site and what you may do to correct any issues. 


My sales spiel is simple: I have a proven track record and references in many industry's including some that are very competitive! Just do a Google search for the string "National Internet Services Provider" to see what I've done with my own company which competes with all the big boy telephone companies.

I'm also available on an annual retainer, but offer this one time SEO review for those small businesses that may be concerned if they can afford my annual SEO retainer


Please feel free to contact me via my cell at 330.389.1192, if you have any questions, comments, or wish me to get to work for you today!