Trips for Seniors

On October 4, 2000, John J. Aguilar Sr., the father of Bishop John Aguilar, overseer for Shepherds of Grace International, stepped over to glory.

Having been on kidney dialysis for years, to doctors, he was just another senior citizen with many health problems... but to Bishop... he was the smartest man he had ever known.... so full of life, ideas, goals, dreams, and ambitions.

In his memory we are establishing a mission division of Shepherds Of Grace International (SOGI) ministries called:

"SOGI Seniors"

...a ministry in which you must be a senior citizen in order to qualify.

It is our vision to see senior citizens travel and minister in countries on a short-term mission trip designed for seniors citizens. Those seniors who are not interested in travel can be a part of our local mission efforts.

Age or health condition should not disqualify a person from fulfilling the call of God on their life.

It's never too late to respond to the call. So what if we are hired by the eleventh hour to the field. The wage is the same according to God's Word.

Should you want to be involved with us as we establish this division of ministry for seniors, please contact our Aiken office. (803) 617-9571