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1. Pskovitianka ( The Maid of Pskov ), opera in four acts.


2. Mlada, opera-ballet in four acts in collaboration with Borodin, Cui,

Mussorgsky and Minkus.


3. Maiskaia noch' (May Night), opera in three acts.


4. Snegurochka (Snow Maiden), opera in four acts and a prologue.


5. Mlada, opera-ballet in four acts.


6. Noch' pered Roshdestvom (Christmas Eve), opera in four acts.


7. Sadko, opera in seven scenes.


8. Bagdadskii borodobrei (The Barber of Baghdad), opera in one act, sketches.


9. Op. 48 Mozart i Sal'ieri (Mozart and Salieri), opera in one act, two scenes.


10. Op. 54 Boyarina Vera Sheloga (revision of prologue to second version

of opera Pskovitianka, with additional new material) opera in one act.


11. Tsarskaia nevesta (The Tsar's Bride), opera in four acts.


12. Skazka o Tsare Saltane (The Tale of Tsar Saltan), opera in four acts and

a prologue.


13. Serviliia (Servilia), opera in five acts.


14. Kashchei bessmertnyi (Kashchei the Immortal), opera in one act.


15. Pan Voevoda (Pan Voyevoda), opera in four acts.


16. Skazanie o nevidimom grade Kitezhe i deve Fevronii ( The Legend of

the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevronia), opera in four acts. 


17. Zolotoi petushok (The Golden Cockerel), opera in three acts.


18. Sten'ka Razin (Stenka Razin), opera, sketches.


19. Zemlia i nebo (Heaven and Earth), opera, sketches.



Other Operatic Projects:


20. Dobrynya Nitkitich


21. Navzikaya (Nausicaa), based on Homer.


22. Il'ya Muromets.


23. The tempest, scenario only.


24. Saul and David, based on the Bible, scenario only.