Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics 2016

  • Period: November 28 (Mon.) - December 2 (Fri.), 2016
  • Location: Room 420 of Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University (RIMS) (Access)
  • Program Committee: Yasuo Ohno (Tohoku), Hiroshi Tsunogai (Sophia), and Toshiro Hiranouchi (Hiroshima)
  • Program & Abstract: Program<ver.20161004>,  Abstracts<ver.20161004>
  • Themes of the conference
    This conference will be held as one of the workshops supported by the joint research program of RIMS (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences), Kyoto University. It will cover a wide range of topics in number theory such as algebraic number theory, Iwasawa theory, p-adic Galois representations and p-adic cohomology, arithmetic fundamental groups, ramification theory, algebraic cycles and K-theory, automorphic forms and Galois representations, multiple zata values, inverse Galois problem, and computational number theory. (Past conferences 201520142013)
    Texts written on blackboard, slide and projector will be given mainly in English. In most of the talks, oral explanation will be given in Japanese.
    Registration (for conference)
    No registration is required in advance. There is no registration fee.
    Financial support
    Travel and accommodation expenses of participants, except for speakers, will not be supported due to the limit of our fund.
  • This workshop is supported by grants of RIMS and JSPS (KAKENHI Grant Number JP16H06336).