web advertising roundtable FAQ


Where is the roundtable?


What is the roundtable?

The web advertising roundtable is a private discussion board for marketing folks working at medium to large online retailers.  Begun in April 2002 as forum where major AOL advertisers could vent and share war stories , the group has grown to 250+ marketing execs at 200+ firms.  The posting volume is pretty light -- a handful of posts each week -- and relatively spam-free.  Membership is restricted to retailers.

Could competitor "X" be listening in?

Perhaps. It is prudent to assume everything on the web is public. If you are concerned about sharing information with competitors, avoid public web boards and instead use a direct phone call.


What about NDAs?

Please honor any NDAs you or your organization may have signed regarding technology, performance, pricing, etc.


Why "retailer-only?"

At this time, participation is limited to retailers, both due to historic precedent and member preference.


What does "retailer-only" really mean?

By group consensus, membership is limited to marketing folks employed by medium-to-large online retailers and direct marketers.

While we appreciate great consultants, free-lancers,agencies, vendors, recruiters, affiliate marketers, brokers, reporters, etc etc etc, collectively this group has opted to be 'retailer-only.'

So...to keep the group retailer-focused, we ask folks to join from their corporate email address.

Is this a perfect filter?  Nope. 

Like that New Yorker cartoon -- "nobody on the internet knows you're a dog" -- we cannot (and don't want to) really confirm identity in this casual online idea-swap.  But at least the signup-from-a-retailer-email-address restriction offers some indication the interested individual sits at a desk at somewhere within a retail company toiling away at this great vocation called online marketing.


Could vendor "Y" be listening in?

Perhaps. It is prudent to assume everything on the web is public. Though attempts have been made to limit group membership to retailers, there have been reports of non-members making comments about the board.


Is it appropriate to use the forum for vendor reference checks?

100% yes.  

 Discussions of vendors and products is about 25% of the posting traffic.


Is it appropriate to use the forum for posting job notices?

100% yes. 

Job postings comprise about 50% of the posting traffic.


What if I have concerns about privacy?

Reach out to other retailers via the roundtable; but have substantive conversations privately by phone.



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