Victoria said
"Simon is a great teacher, with a knack for putting
you at ease. After only a dozen lessons or so, he had me ready to
take my test and I passed first time. But the most important thing
is that he is a charming man, with a confidence in you that really
helps you to learn. His car is lovely, and most importantly he
teaches you real skills, like filling up with petrol! The flavoured
chewing gum is his way of getting you to relax, just don't think
it too odd: it's part of Si's charm.
Anyone looking to learn in a relaxed, but safe way should definitely give Simon a go."
Liza wrote "Simon did an EXCELLENT job in teaching me how to drive.  Despite the fact that driving  was particularly difficult and nerve-racking
for me, Simon was a patient and effective teacher. He was always encouraging and his teaching method was anxiety reducing. 
We took enough lessons to allow my skills and confidence to grow, and worked through plenty of mock tests. I'm pleased to report that because of Simon's patience and excellent coaching.
I passed the driving exam on my first try (with only two minor faults in the first couple of minutes) to obtain a full license. Thank you, Simon, you have my strong recommendation
as a driving instructor!"
Rachel wrote "I would highly recommend Simon as a genuine nice driving instructor,he is a really easy going person to get along with.He helped me to pass my test first time, within month's,which was fantastic for me,as i was moving to Germany,and thank's to Simon,i am now confident to drive in Germany as well as the uk.Thank you!"
Maija wrote
"Simon teaches with encouragement can spot all the little mistakes new drivers make. He corrects them from the start so you don't fall into the bad habit of making them. Learning with Simon made me enjoy driving and his motivation made me feel like I could never give up. He also gives plenty of practice tests to make sure you are ready for your test and that you become a safe and confident driver."


 Radha said "My husband and I took driving lessons from Rimmers,
Simon is a very nice instructor. He teaches with lot of patience and
also helps to build confidence in driving. He also discusses common mistakes and makes me understand and avoid those mistakes.
His teachings are not only on a safe driving but also on eco-friendly driving. Some of his lessons are fun like  identifying the sign boards, emergency stop practice etc. He gives good mock tests before the practical test and this helps in performing better in the test. A very cool person and a good friend.
I was able to get my license in first attempt and enjoying my driving, thanks to Simon. I recommend Simon to anyone who wants to enjoy driving while learning."
Mahdi wrote "I had tried two other instructors before meeting Simon, he is a great instructor and I managed to build my driving competence and confidance. I strongly recommend Simon, he is very affable man."
Thank you Simon"
 Becca wrote "When I began driving I had issues with nerves and confidence about my driving ability. But Simon was calm, patient and
had excellent, unique methods of teaching that gave me the confidence
& know-how of how to drive and assess road situations. His positive, friendly attitude and his willingness to go over anything I did not understand helped me to relax and enjoy the learning experience. Simon has taught me how to be a good and sensible driver for life. Id highly recommend him to anyone! '
Thank you for your patience with me :)
Emma wrote "I would highly recommend Simon, I was very unsure on driving at first but after a few lessons I really wanted to pass my test. I was very nervous and Simon calmed me down quickly, he is very easy to chat to. I enjoyed the little games Simon did in order for you to become more aware of your surroundings. He is very patient and will repeat the instructions as many times as you like. I also did the pass plus with Simon, which I really enjoyed and gave me the experience on the motorway which made me even more confident. Thank you Simon I love driving now."