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Turn in the Road

This one is offen the pupils favorite!
Park the car on the left.
Prepare the car.
Look all around clockwise
As the car starts to move then turn your steering wheel to the full right lock ( just over one and a half turns ) in 1 second flat.
Add gas to the width of a pound coin as the car may labour with a slight hill and full turn.
After a short distance you will have crossed the center point of the road you may turn the wheel back to the left and cover the break at the same time as the car will want to pick up speed as you go down the camber of the road.
I will show you a reference point to stop the car before you over hang the pavement.
Handbreak on, select reverse and find the biting point for a uphill start only backwards so use the pound coin method.
Slowly release the handbreak and using the clutch and gas accordingly, turn the wheel to the left and at same time look left.
As the car gets over the camber, then start turning the wheel to the left about 1 full turn and with your head you should now be looking over the right shoulder.
Using another reference point to stop the car to prevent you over hanging the pavement again with footbreak then apply the handbreak.
Clutch in 1 gear select find bit for the hill start. Before you set off to the right look bothways and if clear simply look down your lane and move off.