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Parallel Park

Parallel Parking

Start moving along the side of the target vehicle 2-3 feet away parellel and bums to front bumper.
Reverse straight until the cherries lines up to the back corner of the car.
Next, observer allround finishing over your left shoulder then start reversing and turn the wheel 3/4 of a turn to the left.
Glance at the left side mirror until it lines up to the right corner of the car and then take the steering off and cover the break at the same time. Keep the car moving slowly until the left door mirror lines up to the left corner of the target car and at this point turn the wheel to the full right lock until the car lines up with the curb at which point take off all the steering. Observer 90% of the time over your left shoulder. When finishing look out the back window when coming to a stop.
Keep the car SLOW
when steering turn the wheel FAST.