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Parallel Park

Parallel Parking

Start moving along the side of the target vehicle 2-4 feet away parallel and bums to front bumper.
Reverse straight until the cherries lines up to the back corner of the target car.
Next, observer all round finishing over your left shoulder then start reversing and turn the wheel ONE turn in ONE second to the left until the car is facing ONE'o'clock
Glance at the left side mirror until it lines up to the left corner of the back of the car and then stop have a think and look around the car again. In most cases as soon as you move at a snail pace again turn the wheel to the FULL right lock whilst keeping an eye or a glance at the little circular mirror on the left wing mirror to see if you are close and parallel to the curb, if you are then great! if you're more that a foot away then take all that turn off the wheel early so the car is facing about 1 minute to the right as you look ahead, let the car reverse in a straight line for a few more feet then turn your steering wheel a quarter to the right to straighten the car with the curb. Finishing with looking over your left shoulder to stop. KEEP THE CAR SLOW AT ALL TIMES and steer nice and quickly for precision