About me


My name is Sébastien Rimbert. I am a first-year PhD student at the Université de Lorraine. I am a member of the Neurosys Team at Inria (Nancy, France). The aim of my project is to study the dynamic of brain motor patterns during general anesthesia under the supervision of Dr. Axel Hutt and Dr. Laurent Bougrain. In particular, my current work is focusing on the motor patterns detection -with the electroencephalographical technique- during an intraoperative awareness which might arise during general anesthesia. I have a bachelor in Biology and a master in Cognitive Science.Photo

During my studies at UFR Math-Info in Cognitive Science (Nancy, France), I have studied behavioural analysis and interaction engineering. For a long time I am interested in the encoding movement process in the EEG signal. Due to to brain imagining, we have access to a large quantify of useful information and I am very motivated to process and understand.