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Links of the Group


Federazione delle AssociazioniScientifiche per le InformazioniTerritoriali ed Ambientali (ASITA)

Associazione Universitari di Topografia e Cartografia (AUTeC)

Società Italiana di Fotogrammetria e Topografia

Associazione Italiana Telerilevamento (AIT)

Sezione Italiana della AM/FM/GIS

Centro di Servizi Interdipartimentali di Rilievo, Cartografia ed Elaborazione -Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia

IGM Istituto Geografico Militare

Agenzia del Territorio (Catasto)

CEOS Committee of Earth Observation Satellites

CEOS Working Group on Information Systems and Services

CEOS Working Group on Calibration on Validation

CEOS Working Group on Disaster Information Server

CIPA International Committee for Architectural Photogrammetry

EIS World Bank Environment Information Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

EUROGI European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information

FIG International Surveyors' Federation

IAG International Association of Geodesy

IAPR International Association for Pattern Recognition

ICA International Cartographic Association

ICOMOS International Council of Monuments and Sites

ICSU International Council of Scientific Unions

ISPRS International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE Computer Society

IEEE PAMI Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligences

IEEE GRSS Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society

IGARSS International Geoscience and Remote Sensing symposium

IHO International Hydrographic Organisation

ISSC International Social Science Council

ISO International Standards Organization

IUFRO International Union of Forestry Research Organisations

IUSM International Union of Surveys and Mapping

RMRS Remote Sensing of Wildland Resources: A State-of-the-Art Review

SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering

SPIE Medical Imaging

UATI International Union of Technical Associations and Organisations

UN United Nations

UN COPUOS Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

UN OOSA Office for Outer Space Affairs

UN UNEP United Nations Environment Programme GRID-Arendal

UN UNESCO UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

VISLIST Computer Vision Digest (COMP.AI.VISION)

Academic Sites for Geomatic Engineering

Education, Training, Research and Fellowship Opportunities in the Remote Sensing, GIS and ITS Applications

ARPENTEUR, a photogrammetric software package (Gold Award in Amsterdam 2000)

LDIPInter, a software for photogrammetry education (Silver Award in Amsterdam 2000 and Gold Award in Vienna 1996)

Web-based virtural lab, a web-based teaching material for remote sensing (Silver Award in Amsterdam 2000)

GeoStar, a GIS software (Silver Award in Vienna 1996)

The Remote Sensing Core Curriculum, an ASPRS Initiative for Space Age

Introduction to Remote Sensing, by Sea and Space

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Education Section

The use of Satellite Remote Sensing, CIESIN Thematic Guides

NASA's Remote sensing Tutorial

The Electromagnetic spectrum in RS, by Bio-Geo-Recon

Sun, Earth's atmosphere and Reflection spectra in RS, by Bio-Geo-Recon

NASA Observatorium Education, basics and online tutorials

Remote Sensing and Image Analysis lecture, Berkeley lecture

The satellite encyclopedia

CEOS CD-ROM, good explanations on fundamentals of remote sensing with some datasets and applications

NASA's Mission to Planet Earth

Environmental Remote Sensing Center

Light Measurement Handbook

Remote Sensing for Monitoring Volcanoes

ENTRI Remote Sensing Image Gallery

NOAA Homepage

Satellite-Related World Wide Web Site, by Dundee Satellite Receiving Station

Lecture notes, by the University of Melbourne - Geomatic Engineering

Introduction to Photogrammetry, by the University of Vienna

Close Range Photogrammetry, by Vexcel Corporation

Optical Metrology Centre, tutorials in photogrammetry, laser, CCD

Metric 3D reconstruction from uncalibrated image sequences, by Marc Pollefeys, Reinhard Koch, Maarten Vergauwen and Luc Van Gool

Understanding Projective Geometry, by University of Toronto

Concepts from projective geometry, by Paul Beardsley - University of Edinburgh

Self-calibration, Epipolar geometry and the fundamental matrix

Computer Society Magazines and Transactions, at IEEE Computer Society

Compendium in CV, by University of Edinburgh

Computer Vision Online Publications, by the School of Computer Science

International Journal of Computer Vision

Journal of Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Issues

GPS Information and Observation System, by GIBS (Leipzig, Germany)

ASI Agenzia Spaziale Italiana

Global Positioning System Data & Information,maintained by the United States Naval Observatory

International GPS Service, by NASA

University NAVSTAR Consortium, by UNAVCO

Short-Course on Geographic Information Systems, by Ames Laboratory

Geographic Information Systems, by U.S.Geologica Survey

GIS Tutorial, by GISdevelopment

Acronyms Used by Environmental Groups and Agencies, by NOAA National Geophysical Data Center

Glossaries and Acronyms for Remote Sensing, GIS, Radar , by CEOS

Space Mission Acronym List, by NASA

RS Glossary and Acronyms search site

Abbreviations and Acronyms in GIS, Cartography and RS, by Berkeley Library

ISPRS Acronyms and Abbreviations, as in the ISPRS Orange Book

News by GISdevelopment.net

Mission launches, by Space.com

Satellite missions, by ImageSatIntl

Space news, by Florida Today

Space news, by Universe Today

Space daily, by Spacer

CNN Spce news, by CNN

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