Published and Forthcoming Papers

Money left on the table: An analysis of participation in employee stock purchase plans (with Ilona Babenko), 2014, Review of Financial Studies, 27(12), 3658-3698. Presented at the Financial Intermediation Research Society 2014 conference. (Employee Stock Purchase Plan data used in this paper is available here)

Do non-executive employees have information? Evidence from employee stock purchase plans (with Ilona Babenko), 2015, Forthcoming Management SciencePresented at the American Finance Association 2011 and IDC Herzliya 2011 conferences. (Employee Stock Purchase Plan data used in this paper is available here)

Stocking Up: Executive Optimism, Option Exercise, and Share Retention (with Robert Tumarkin), 2015, Journal of Financial Economics118(2), 399-430Presented at the American Finance Association 2010 and Financial Intermediation Research Society 2010 conferences. (Data on ShareRetainer, the optimism indicator introduced in this paper, is available here)

Discipline or Disruption: Stakeholder Relationships and the Effect of Takeover Threat (with Ling Cen and Sudipto Dasgupta), 2015, Forthcoming Management SciencePresented at the Western Finance Association 2010 and Asian Finance Association 2010 conferences. Winner of Best Paper Award at the Northern Finance Association 2010 conference.